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Swim Team: Competition and Recreation swim classes-open enrollment

Open for Returning Members

9/15/12 - 9/1/30

Open for New Members

6/27/12 - 10/2/24


Welcome to our 3 tiered aquatics program:

  • SLST Competitive Team
  • Recreational Swim Team 
  • Learn to swim Lessons

We also offer seasonal camps, private stroke technique lessons, stroke clinics and more.

We have a place for you! Enjoy high quality swim education in alignment with USA Swimming's target goals for Athlete Development. Our two distinct levels of programming can fit your needs, based on your goals for your swimmers.  Our Recreation Team offers low cost, low committment,  ease of enrollment weekly classes that you can take one, two or three days per week.  Each class is 40min long and technique based to keep skills up all year. Classes can be taken in conjuction with a middle school swim program or summer league swim team. Classes can also be taken independently year-round. Perfect for the young swimmer or  multi-sport athlete who wants to keep their swimming skills up year round or for the family who is unsure of being able to commit to our year-round Competition Team. Recreational team members can compete on a limited basis. Our Competitive Team requires a more significant commitment and offers up to 8 workouts per week depending on locations and training group. We have 3 levels of our Competition Team--Prepatory Team, Junior team and Senior team.  Our competitions swimmers compete locally, regionally and nationally. Swimmers must come in for an assesment before being placed on our Competition team. DO NOT ENROLL without consulting Coach Kier. All of our programming is year round.   The Yearly USA-Swimming fee for Recreational Team members is $35 and the fee for Competition Team members is $85.    This is the Registration page for our Competition and Recreation team. All registrants for our Competition team, Prepatory, Junior or Senior must speak to a coach before registering. You can call us at 504-256-6554. Recreation team and limited to class sizes. Descriptions are below:

  Competitive Team Swim Groups.


Yearly fee: $90 USA-Swimming registration fee per year and per swimmer.Renews in November

Yearly Team Fee: $175 PER family and yearly

Prep-Competitive--Ages 5-14 Monthly Tuition: $100 per month

Junior Competitive  Ages 7-14 Monthly Tuition: $110

Senior Competitive Ages 13-18 Monthly Tuition $125

*There is also a fundraising requirement for our competition team and meet fees are extra

Registration for our Recreational classes include the following:

Seababies 3-6

Level 1 - Ages 5 - 8

Level 2- Ages 9-14


Recreational Team Fees:

USA Regstration: $35 per swimmer Yearly

Team fee: $40 per family

1 class per week: $70

2 classes per week: $100

3 classes per week: $130

We do offer yearly, 6 month and quarterly discounts as well as discounts for siblings and swimmers who receive free and reduced lunch