Cold Weather Info

The pool at Lakeside Swim Club is heated in the winter and cooled during the summer. The pool is covered by thermal blankets when not in use by the competitive swim team.  Water temperature is checked regularly and maintained at optimal temperatures for competitive swim training (78-82 degrees). 

Tips for training outside:

  • Parkas are great for covering up before and after swim workouts.
  • The pool and bathrooms are warm, and we have hot showers.
  • Dress in LAYERS, especially for dryland. When athletes are doing dryland, they can take off layers if they get hot.
  • It's not as bad as it seems! We always keep the athletes safe.

For further info regarding cold weather practices, please see below and/or feel free to contact Lakeside Site Coach and Lakeside Swim Club Aquatics Director, Sarah Herrington: [email protected] or by phone (864) 650-4797.


Severe/Cold Weather Guidelines:

Practice will be held as regularly scheduled unless otherwise notified.

As a precaution, swimmers should always bring appropriate attire for "Dry-land" activities in the event there is thunder/lightning or there is an issue with the pool/air temperature for training. Layers are encouraged!

In the rare event that practices are canceled, a notification will be sent via TeamApp.