Our Lakeside-Slidell location has competitive swim groups for every level of athlete!


Tidal Wave:  Our tidal wave group (previously called Barraduas) is our youngest and most introductory group of swimmers.  These athletes are generally 10&under in age, can swim freestyle and backstroke unassisted and have a general understanding of butterfly and breaststroke.  This group focuses on stroke development, stroke drill education, pool safety, and the basics of USA Swimming competition.   


Cyclone:  Our cyclone group (previously called Sharks) is our intermediate group that is advancing from knowing all of the strokes, doing them legally, having a general understanding of meet procedures, and working on developing a stronger aerobic base and learning the basics of how to read the pace clock and follow structured practice sets. The ages in this group can vary, but are typically 9-13 years in age.


Tsunami:  Previously called our junior group, the tsunami group has developed the ability to follow an organized set within a practice, different stroke drills, and are able to set specific goals for practice and competition.  Swimmers in the group focus on developing good training backgrounds and nutritional practices.  Their workouts are dedicated to building endurance, race strategy education, and an introduction to basic dryland practices.  Ages within this group can vary, but are typically 10-14 and have excellent practice attendance.


Senior:  Senior level swimmers are competitive and well versed in technique, race strategy, and nutritional values.  These swimmers have good stroke mechanics and habits, good sportsmanship, and have state qualifying times or better.  This group has mastered specific goals and works on how to achieve them.  Senior level swimmers are dedicated to their sport and have excellent practice attendance.  The ages in this group are typically 13-18.


National:  Athletes in our national training group have qualified for meets outside of our state limits and are dedicated students of the sport and typically seek college swimming opportunities.  These athletes continue to build on their knowledge of stroke mechanics, nutrition, competition, and recovery.  These athletes are typically 15-18 and have much more demanding practice expectations, sometimes twice a day. 


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