2021 Louisiana State Championship Recap

Ross Hedrick


Louisiana SC State Championship

March 25-28, 2021



Congratulations to all the members of our State Championship team for contributing to our overall 4th place finish!


This is a great team result for our swimmers, many of whom have not participated in a championship swim meet in 20 months. We had expected contributions from many of our established swimmers. And, also, a lot of points from some newcomers,especially our 10&U crew!

10&U's- Ian Budde, Tally Gatlin, Annabelle Germanese, Maya Karlitz, Amanda Milner, Tripp Yount.


The weekend allowed our entire team and coaching staff to take part in this championship at the same site, all working together. It was a valuable experience to have our swimmers receive feedback from any and all of the tremendous coaches we have. Our team was exposed to Coach Blake, who will be an indispensable part of the Lakeside site moving forward. 


Special thanks and appreciation to Coach Sarah for all the work she has put into the Lakeside site, LAT, and Nu Wave. She will never be replaced, nor will she be forgotten. Wishing her and her family the best in their move to Florida in April!


Thanks to all the parents/families who traveled to Shreveport to support your swimmer and our team. Thank you for being respectful of the current guidelines in place. It has been a sacrifice for all to get to the finish line of this season. Your efforts are very much appreciated!



Over the weekend, we had a few truly noteworthy performances:

New State Record! 15-16 Boys 200 Medley Relay 1:37.70 (J.Primeaux, B.Pugh, D.Zhang, L.Reymond)

New Team Record! 15-18/Senior Boys 1000 Free  Christian Johnson (9:36.64)

New Team Record! 15-18/Senior Boys 200 Breast  Phillip Endom (2:06.33)

New Team Record! 13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay 1:33.95 (K.Hedrick, L.Beebe, B.DiPaola, E.Solitario)

New Team Record! 13-14 Boys 400 Free Relay 3:27.19 (K.Hedrick, L.Beebe, B.DiPaola, E.Solitario)

New Team Record! 13-14 Boys 800 Free Relay 7:34.05 (K.Hedrick, L.Beebe, N. Aldana, E.Solitario)



Individual State Champions

Enzo Solitario (13-14 Boys) 50 Free, 500 Free

Kayden Hedrick (13-14 Boys) 100 Fly, 200 Fly, 400 IM

Phillip Endom (15&O Boys) 200 Fly



Top 8 Individual Finishers

Female Swimmers:

Kaylee Caro 13-14 Girls 500 Free, 2nd; 1650 Free, 2nd; 1000 Free, 3rd; 200 Fly, 5th; 200 Free, 6th; 400 IM, 8th.

Izzy Mundee 15&O Girls 1000 Free, 3rd; 500 Free, 8th; 1650 Free, 8th.

Isabella Royster 11-12 Girls 500 Free, 4th; 200 Free, 7th; 100 Back, 8th; 100 Breast, 8th.

Amanda Milner 10&U Girls 200 Free, 5th; 100 Free, 6th; 200 IM, 8th.

Maya Karlitz 10&U Girls 100 Breast, 2nd; 50 Breast, 3rd; 100 IM, 6th; 200 Free, 8th.

Emily Schexnayder 15&O Girls 100 Free, 4th; 500 Free, 7th.

Riley Crespo 15&O Girls 200 Breast, 4th; 200 IM, 4th; 100 Breast, 6th.

Reese LaCaze 15&O Girls 200 Breast, 7th.


Male Swimmers:

Nicolas Aldana-Huelga 13-14 Boys 200 Breast; 1650 Free, 3rd; 1000 Free, 4th; 100 Breast, 5th; 200 Fly, 7th; 400 IM, 8th.

Gaspar Coulon 13-14 Boys 1000 Free, 7th.

Christian Johnson 15&O Boys 1000 Free, 2nd; 1650 Free, 3rd; 500 Free, 8th; 400 IM, 8th.

Joseph Capo 15&O Boys 1000 Free, 3rd; 500 Free, 6th.

Gustavo Castilho 11-12 Boys 50 Free, 2nd; 100 Back, 2nd; 50 Breast, 2nd; 50 Fly, 2nd; 100 IM, 2nd; 200 IM, 2nd.

Enzo Solitario 13-14 Boys 50 Free, 1st; 500 Free, 1st; 100 Back, 2nd; 200 Back, 2nd; 200 Fly, 2nd; 100 Fly, 3rd.

Kayden Hedrick 13-14 Boys 100 Fly, 1st; 200 Fly, 1st; 400 IM, 1st; 200 IM, 2nd; 500 Free, 3rd; 100 Back, 4th.

Jack Primeaux 15&O Boys 200 Back, 4th; 100 Back, 8th.

Ian Budde 10&U Boys 100 Fly, 6th; 50 Fly, 8th.

Logan Beebe 13-14 Boys 100 Fly, 4th; 200 Fly, 5th; 50 Free, 5th; 200 IM, 5th; 400 IM, 5th.

Billy Dipaola 13-14 Boys 100 Fly, 6th; 50 Free, 8th; 200 IM, 8th.

Phillip Endom 15&O Boys 200 Fly, 1st; 200 IM, 3rd; 400 IM, 3rd; 200 Breast, 5th; 100 Breast, 8th.

Brandon MacPhaille 11-12 Boys 500 Free, 7th.

Lee Reymond 15&O Boys 200 Back, 8th.