Ross Hedrick

The Nu Wave Swim Club's 15&O athletes had a strong performance in Shreveport at the LA 15&O LC State Championships over the July 8-11 weekend. Our swimmers showed a lot of perseverance through this season progressing from meet to meet. The team lifted its overall performance beyond the competitive showing through June. All athletes responded well to the increased competition and expectations that come from a State Championship event.




Nu Wave Swim Club places 4th in overall team scoring!



New State Record!

15-16 Boy’s 400 Medley Relay

J. Primeaux, B. Pugh, D. Zhang, L. Reymond



New Team Record!

15-18 Boy’s 800 Free Relay

D. Zhang, L. Reymond, C. Johnson, J. Capo



Top 16 Individual Finishers:

Emily Schexnayder: 100 Back, 6th; 100 Fly, 10th.

Phillip Endom: 200 Fly, 2nd; 200 IM, 3rd; 200 Breast, 8th; 100 Fly, 9th; 100 Breast, 13th.

Riley Crespo: 200 Breast, 2nd; 100 Breast, 4th; 200 IM, 4th; 400 IM, 4th; 100 Back, 11th; 400 Free, 15th.

Izzy Mundee: 400 Free, 8th; 200 IM, 9th; 800 Free, 10th; 200 Back, 11th.

Charles Korndorffer: 100 Back, 1st; 100 Fly, 1st; 50 Free, 2nd; 100 Free, 10th.

Christian Johnson: 1500 Free, 1st; 800 Free, 2nd; 200 Back, 4th; 400 Free, 4th; 400 IM, 6th; 200 Free, 13th.

Joseph Capo: 800 Free, 3rd; 400 Free, 5th; 200 Free, 6th; 200 IM, 11th.

Derek Zhang: 100 Back, 4th; 100 Fly, 5th; 200 Fly, 4th.

Lee Reymond: 100 Back, 12th; 50 Free, 14th; 100 Free, 14th; 200 Back, 15th.

Zach Davis: 100 Breast, 7th; 200 Breast, 11th.

Jack Primeaux: 100 Back, 9th.

Reese LaCaze: 100 Breast, 13th; 200 Breast, 13th.

Abigail Spera: 400 IM, 9th.


Team Relay Results:

200 Free Relay: Women’s “A” 11th; Men’s “A” 6th; Men’s “B” 10th.

400 Free Relay: Women’s “A” 8th; Men’s “A” 7th; Men’s “B” 8th.

800 Free Relay: Women’s “A” 5th; Men’s “A” 4th; Men’s “B” 6th.

200 Medley Relay: Women’s “A” 8th; Women’s “B” 14th; Men’s “B” 3rd; Men’s “A” 6th.

400 Medley Relay: Women’s “B” 12th; Men’s “A” 4th; Men’s “B” 5th.

200 Mixed Free Relay: “A” 7th.