Ross Hedrick




Nu Wave Swim Club places 4th in overall team scoring! Another strong performance at the LSU Natatorium by Nu Wave Swim Club.



It is hard to fully understand just how disrupted the swimming lives have been for these athletes. Over the past two years these swimmers have had a championship meet rescheduled due to a hurricane, canceled on the day of travel due to COVID-19, no meet last summer, and a split championship in the spring. Finally, this summer, the state came together for a real championship event, although spectators were limited and the age groups were seperated. Cross your fingers that the upcoming year will be a bit more normal and we can have a full championship swim meet in the spring of 2022.   

As you will see below, we had a tremendous group of scoring swimmers, most of which will be graduating to the 15&O championship meet this spring. We are going to need swimmers and families to step up to the challenge to keep our team in the running for a Top 3 finish in 2022!






High Point Winners:

Gustavo Castilho (11-12 Boys Age Group)

Enzo Solitario (13-14 Boys Age Group)


New Team Records!

Gustavo Castilho: 11-12 Boys 50 Free (28.37), 100 Free (1:01.19), 100 Breast (1:22.57)

Kaylee Caro: 13-14 Girls 400 Free (4:45.24), 800 Free (9:47.01), 1500 Free (18:40.75)


13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay (E. Solitario, L. Beebe, B. DiPaola, K. Hedrick) 1:44.58

13-14 Boys 400 Free Relay (E. Solitario, L. Beebe, B. DiPaola, K. Hedrick) 3:58.73

13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay (E. Solitario, L. Beebe, K. Hedrick, B. DiPaola) 1:58.55

13-14 Boys 400 Medley Relay (E. Solitario, L. Beebe, K. Hedrick, N. Aldana) 4:23.14



Top 16 Individual Finishers:

10&U Age Group

Ian Budde: 100 Fly, 5th; 50 Fly, 7th; 200 IM, 7th; 100 Back, 8th; 100 Free, 12th.

Tripp Yount: 200 IM, 8th; 100 Free, 9th; 50 Breast, 10th; 100 Breast, 12th; 50 Free, 13th.


11-12 Age Group

Isabella Royster: 100 Free, 2nd; 200 Free, 3rd; 400 Free, 3rd; 50 Free, 6th; 100 Breast, 6th; 200 IM, 8th.

Gustavo Castilho: 50 Free, 1st; 50 Fly, 1st; 100 Free, 1st; 100 Back, 1st; 50 Breast, 2nd; 100 Breast, 2nd.

Brandon MacPhaille: 200 Free, 7th; 200 IM, 7th; 400 Free, 7th; 100 Free, 8th; 100 Back, 11th; 50 Free, 12th.

Louis Roux: 100 Fly, 11th; 400 Free, 12th; 200 IM, 15th.


13-14 Age Group

Kaylee Caro: 800 Free, 1st; 1500 Free, 2nd; 400 Free, 3rd; 200 Fly, 3rd; 400 IM, 5th; 200 IM, 6th.

Josephine Balhoff: 200 Breast, 16th.

Enzo Solitario: 50 Free, 1st; 100 Free, 1st, 100 Fly, 1st; 200 Free, 1st; 200 IM, 1st; 100 Back, 2nd.

Kayden Hedrick: 200 Fly, 1st; 400 Free, 1st; 400 IM, 1st; 800 Free, 1st; 1500 Free, 1st.

Nicolas Aldana: 200 Breast, 2nd; 1500 Free, 2nd; 100 Breast, 4th; 800 Free, 5th; 400 IM, 6th; 400 Free, 7th.

Logan Beebe: 100 Fly, 2nd; 200 IM, 3rd; 400 IM, 4th; 200 Free, 5th; 50 Free, 6th; 100 Free, 8th.

Billy DiPaola: 100 Fly, 3rd; 100 Back, 7th; 50 Free, 10th, 200 IM, 10th; 100 Free, 14th.

Ethan Saenz: 400 IM, 16th.

Luke Balhoff: 200 Back, 16th.



Team Relay Results:

12&U Boys 200 Medley Relay: “A” 7th.


14&U Girls 200 Free Relay: “A” 12th.

14&U Girls 400 Free Relay: “A” 10th.

14&U Girls 200 Medley Relay: “A” 11th.

14&U Girls 400 Medley Relay: “A” 8th.


14&U Boys 200 Free Relay: “A” 1st, “B” 9th.

14&U Boys 400 Free Relay: “A” 1st, “B” 7th.

14&U Boys 200 Medley Relay: “A” 1st, “B” 11th.

14&U Boys 400 Medley Relay: “A” 1st, “B” 7th.