Nu Wave Swim Club: High School Swimming Results Recap

Ross Hedrick

Nu Wave Families,



I want to congratulate all Nu Wave swimmers on a great showing during the championship meets of this high school season! Nu Wave swimmers represent many high school teams across the Greater New Orleans region and the North Shore, including all four LHSAA divisions. Please see the results below that highlight the most impactful swims performed by our team’s swimmers at the LHSAA State Championships and the Greater New Orleans Metro Championships.



Division 1 State Championship Results


Kaylee Caro (Dominican)- 200 Free, 7th; 500 Free, 4th

Allyson Johnson (Dominican)- 200 Free, 15th; 500 Free, 15th

Shelby Smith (Slidell)- 200 Free, 20th; 500 Free, 17th

Riley Crespo (Dominican)- 200 IM, 2nd; 100 Back, 3rd

Kallen Huth (Mt Carmel)- 200 IM, 13th; 100 Breast, 14th

Gabrielle St.Pierre (Northshore)- 200 IM, 17th; 100 Breast, 16th

Faith Delgado (Northshore)- 50 Free, 6th; 100 Free, 6th

Chloe Jorns (Chalmette)- 50 Free, 16th; 100 Free, 14th


Truman Breithaupt (Jesuit)- 200 Free, 2nd; 500 Free, 1st

Joseph Capo (Jesuit)- 200 Free, 3rd; 500 Free, 2nd

Addison Wilberg (Brother Martin)- 200 Free, 26th; 100 Fly, 18th

Zach Davis (Jesuit)- 200 IM, 7th; 100 Breast, 4th

Kayden Hedrick (Mandeville)- 200 IM, 9th; 100 Fly, 7th

Craig Duronslet (Brother Martin)- 200 IM, 12th; 100 Back, 7th

Julian Duronslet (Brother Martin)- 200 IM, 17th; 100 Fly, 11th

Lee Reymond (Jesuit)- 50 Free, 5th; 100 Free, 9th

Enzo Solitario (Jesuit)- 50 Free, 7th; 100 Fly, 2nd

Jack Primeaux (Jesuit)- 100 Fly, 4th; 100 Back, 1st

Ethan Bauer (Jesuit)- 100 Breast, 6th



Division 2 State Championship Results


Logan Beebe (Holy Cross)- 200 Free, 1st; 500 Free, 1st

Pakorn Liengsawangwong (Ben Franklin)- 200 Free, 13th; 500 Free, 9th



Division 3 State Championship Results


Izzy Mundee (Lusher)- 200 Free, 2nd; 500 Free,1st

Lexie Rodrigue (John Curtis)- 200 IM, 4th; 100 Fly, 1st

Mia Benevento (Lusher)- 200 IM, 10th; 100 Back, 6th


Boyd Pugh (Lusher)- 200 Free, 5th; 100 Breast, 5th

Gaspar Coulon (Lusher)- 200 Free, 7th; 500 Free, 6th

Billy DiPaola (Lusher)- 100 Fly, 7th; 100 Back, 10th


Derek Zhang (Lusher)- 100 Fly, 1st ***Division 3 and Overall LHSAA State Record (48.88); 100 Back, 1st ***Division 3 and Overall LHSAA State Record (48.53) ***Division 3 Male Swimmer Of The Meet***



Division 4 State Championship Results


Isabella Royster (McGehee)- 200 Free, 5th; 500 Free, 2nd

Abbie Spera (McGehee)- 100 Back, 5th; 100 Breast, 3rd


Christian Johnson (Newman)- 200 Free, 1st; 500 Free, 1st





GNOHSSL Metro Championship Results (Scoring Swims)


Izzy Mundee (Lusher)- 200 Free, 4th; 500 Free, 3rd

Kaylee Caro (Dominican)- 200 Free, 6th; 500 Free, 5th

Shelby Smith (Slidell)- 500 Free, 11th

Allyson Johnson (Dominican)- 200 Free, 14th; 500 Free,13th

Abbie Spera (McGehee)- 200 IM, 5th

Gabrielle St.Pierre (Northshore)- 200 IM, 9th; 100 Breast, 11th

Kallen Huth (Mt Carmel)- 200 IM, 10th; 100 Breast, 10th

Mia Benevento (Lusher)- 200 IM, 13th; 100 Back, 8th

Faith Delgado (Northshore)- 50 Free, 1st; 100 Free, 3rd

Chloe Jorns (Chalmette)- 50 Free, 13th; 100 Free, 10th

Riley Crespo (Dominican)- 100 Fly, 6th; 100 Back, 1st


Joseph Capo (Jesuit)- 200 Free, 1st; 500 Free, 1st

Truman Breithaupt (Jesuit)- 200 Free, 2nd; 500 Free, 3rd

Christian Johnson (Newman)- 200 Free,6th; 500 Free, 2nd

Julian Duronslet (Brother Martin)- 200 Free, 9th; 100 Fly, 9th

Boyd Pugh(Lusher)- 200 Free, 10th;100 Breast, 4th

Enzo Solitario (Jesuit)- 200 IM, 3rd; 100 Fly, 5th

Kayden Hedrick (Mandeville)- 200 IM, 4th

Zach Davis (Jesuit)- 200 IM, 5th; 100 Breast, 3rd

Ethan Bauer (Jesuit)- 200 IM, 14th; 100 Breast, 9th

Gaspar Coulon (Lusher)- 200 IM, 16th; 500 Free,13th

Jack Primeaux (Jesuit)- 100 Fly, 6th; 100 Back, 2nd

Craig Duronslet (Brother Martin)- 100 Fly,11th; 100 Back, 8th

Addison Wilberg (Brother Martin)- 100 Fly,13th; 100 Back, 13th

Billy DiPaola (Lusher)- 100 Fly, 15th; 100 Back, 10th


Derek Zhang (Lusher)- 100 Fly, 1st; 100 Back, 1st ***100 Back Metro Championship Record (50.29) ***Male Swimmer Of The Meet!***


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