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Strategies For College Swimming:

  • Start thinking about college EARLY. Freshman year of high school rather than waiting for your junior year.
  • College coaches and high school swimmers can communicate via text during the junior year.
  • High school seniors can take up to 5 official recruiting trips to D1 schools; official visits are unlimited to DII and DIII.
  • Lean on your teammates and coaches to overcome the initial wave of homesickness. It will hit, but know that you have faith in your choice of that school and resources to get you through.
  • Find time for community involvement. Sometimes it is good to be with people who allow you to not be an athlete for a little while. 
  • You may have more time available than ever before. This time can be spent on focused study sessions, improved eating habits, naps, tutoring sessions, etc.
  • Universities offer constant support to student-athletes from tutors to sports psychologists.
  • Be patient and communicate. Your new coach does not have a manual to your success. You are the driver of this vehicle while your coach conducts an orchestra. Talk to him/her about some of your observations about training, practices you have done to help you reach this point. Do so respectfully, not in a combative manner. Your coach typically has office hours to cover these items.
  • It is important to find a school that fits and supports your goals. If you want to contribute to a travel squad or at the conference championships, you may have to set your sights on DII, DIII, NAIA, or NJCAA. There is a team, and a campus, that fits just about every swimmer. 


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