Volunteering is easy Nu Wave depends on its volunteers! If you are able to help or are interested in learning about any of the positions available, please do not hesitate to contact Angele Thionville ([email protected]). Here are just some examples of areas that you can help out in:


At Swim Meets:

  • Set up - Help with meet preparation.  Move chairs, table, tents, etc.
  • Timer - Use stopwatch and record times behind the blocks. 
  • Runner - Collect sheets from timers and deliver them to appropriate individuals. Post results as they become available. 
  • Head Timer - Start extra watches in case one of timers did not get a good start.
  • Hospitality - Help with food preparation for coaches and/or officials.  Deliver water/snacks to timers.
  • Clerk of Course - Provides information to coaches, checks in swimmers, etc.


The following positions do require some training but are always in high demand and a great way to really be a part of your child’s team.


  • Officiating - Stroke & Turn Judge, Electronic Timing Official, Starters & Referees - These individuals make sure that a meet is run fairly.  Sanctioned meets require that a certain number of officials are present.   
  • Computer- Help run the timing/start system at swim meets


How to Become an Official

USA Swimming Certified Officials are a vital part of competitive swimming and conducting a swim meet. We are always in need of developing new officials.

If you are interested, please contact Tony Zhang ([email protected]).