SENIOR @ UNO Lakefront Arena Aquatic Center
Lead Coach: Ross Hedrick 


  • The Senior Group is a group of mature and responsible swimmers who proudly represent the Nu Wave Swim Club. These swimmers must have the ability to train at a very high level. Senior Group swimmers must have the desire to set and achieve new personal goals and have the willingness to commit to the guidelines established by the Head Coach in order to reach these goals. It is essential that these swimmers take ownership of their goals and performances in both meets & practice.

  • Age range for this group is 14 years old & older (13 yr old swimmers who will turn 14 prior to the State Championships of that current season).

  • Practices will emphasize both technical adjustments and demanding training sessions.

  • Swimmers in this group must provide leadership for our younger swimmers through their work ethic, attitude, sportsmanship and commitment to this team.

  • Swimmers will develop skills necessary to succeed at the State and Regional/National competitions. Swimmers must be a State Finalist in 2 or more strokes and IM events.

  • Swimmers must have achieved an IMR score of at least 1,500 points (13 or older), and/or an IMX score of at least 2,000 (13 or Older). Additional Team test sets will be included in the swimmer's evaluation throughout the season.  

  • The Senior Group will be offered six practices per week. Swimmers are expected to attend at least 85% of the practices offered during our short-course and long-course seasons, and at least 75% of practices scheduled during the Fall high school season.


Equipment Link

(Swimmers are required to provide a kickboard,buoy, paddles, fins, snorkel and tempo trainer)



Revised 2021 SC Season Schedule

Monday-Friday  4:15-6:15 PM (Swim)

*Tuesday/Thursday  6:15-7:00 PM (Dry-land)

Saturday  8:00-10:00 AM (Swim)

*Saturday  7:15-8:00 AM (Dry-land)


2021 Summer Schedule (Beginning Tuesday, June 1)

Monday-Friday  4:30-6:30 PM (Swim)

*Tuesday/Thursday  3:45-4:30 PM (Dry-land)

Saturday  8:00-10:00 AM (Swim)

*Saturday  7:15-10:00 AM (Dry-land)



UNO COVID-19 Protocols


Any new inquiries about participation in our Senior Group must contact Head Coach Ross Hedrick ([email protected]).