Nu Wave Stroke School


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Stroke School bridges the gap between swim lessons and competitive swimming. We focus on improving each swimmer's stroke technique with focus on freestyle and backstroke development.   

Under the guidance of a professional coach, students learn and develop freestyle and backstroke skills. All skills necessary to swim fast at a competitive level will be emphasized. As the session progresses, swimmers will be evaluated as to their potential to swim with the Nu Wave Swim Club.


Open to swimmers ages 5 & over who can swim 15 yards on the surface unassisted and without stopping. We reserve the right to refund your registration fee if your swimmer does not meet the minimum swim requirement.



All Stroke School classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Coach to swimmer ratio of 1:4

Single Class Sessions: One day a week for 8 weeks, cost is $200.

NO MAKEUP CLASSES unless class is canceled due to pool maintenance circumstances or campus closure. 





Summer 2023 Schedule (Session 5)


1 Class/Week

45 minute Classes

Coach to Swimmer Ratio 1:5


Class Option 1: Monday 5:45 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 2: Monday 6:30 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 3: Tuesday 5:45 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 4: Tuesday 6:30 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 5: Wednesday 5:45 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 5: Wednesday 6:30 PM (2 Classes Offered)

Class Option 7: Thursday 5:30 PM (2 Class Offered)

Class Option 8: Thursday 6:30 PM (3 Class Offered)

Ther will be no Stroke School July 3 - July 8, 2023

Additional Classes Will Be Added As Needed!



Contact:  Scott Robinson, [email protected]



Nu Wave Stroke School Is Held At Isidore Newman School
(1903 Jefferson Ave, New Orleans 70115)

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