SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2021-22 Short Course Season (October-March)

HSC "Ed Kelly Memorial" 14&U Meet (Oct 2-3)




SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2021 Long Course Season (May-August)

Crawfish Swamp Paradise (May 1)

PCST Speedo LC Invitational (May 15-16)

CCSC SC May Meet (May 22)

GPAC Tom Lalor LC Invitational (June 4-6)

BEST Splashin The Coast LC Invitational (June 17-20)

Louisiana 15&O LC State Championships (July 8-11)

CCSC SC July Meet (July 10)

Louisiana 14&U LC State Championships (July 15-18)

Texas Speedo Sectionals (July 21-25)

Southern Zone Age Group Championships (July 27-31)




SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2020-2021 Short Course Season (September-March)

Battle For the Boot- Round 2 (October 25)

Winter Championships (December 4-5)

Winter Championships- LCM Time Trials (December 6)

Sunkist Winter Blast (January 29-31)

CCSC January Meet (January 29-30)

Crawfish Aquatics February Meet (Feb 27-28)

Tupelo Top TYR Invitational (Mar 5-7)

Nu Wave Intra-squad Meet (Mar 13)

Louisiana SC State Championships (Mar 25-28) 




SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2019-2020 Short Course Season (September-March)

Nu Wave Intra-squad Meet (September 14) 

HSC "Ed Kelly Memorial" 14&U Meet (October 5-6)

TAQ Fall Invitational (October 19-20)

Nu Wave "Fall SC Open" (Nov 1-3)

Santa's BEST (Dec 6-8)

COLA "Toys For Tots" Training Meet (Dec 14)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Dec 14)

CCSC Winter Invite (Jan 24-26)

2020 Louisiana Senior SC State Championships (Feb 13-16)

Texas Speedo Sectionals (Feb 27-Mar 1)         Time Trials





SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2019 Long Course Season (April- August)

CCSC LC Invitational (April 5-7)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (April 13)

MAKOS LC Invitational (May 3-5)

Nu Wave Summer LC Open (June 7-9)

Louisiana 13&O LC State Championships (July 18-21)

Louisiana 12&U LC State Championships (July 26-28)

Southern Zone Senior Championships (July 30- Aug 3)

NCSA Summer Championships (Aug 6-10)




SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2018-19 Short Course Season (September- March)

Nu Wave Intra-squad Kick-off

Crawfish Fall Invitational (Oct 13-14)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Oct 20) 

Nu Wave Fall SC Open (Nov 2-4)

Santa's BEST Invite (Nov 30- Dec 2)

COLA Toys For Tots Meet (Dec 15)

Nu Wave Sprint Eliminator (Jan 5)

Ralph Crocker Classic (Jan 18-20) 

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Jan 26)

Crawfish Aquatics Winter Invitational (Feb 2-3)

Nu Wave 12&U Last Chance (Feb 9)

Louisiana 13&O State Championships (Feb 14-17)

Louisiana 12&U State Championships (Feb 22-24)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Feb 25)

ESSZ Age Group Sectionals (Mar 14-17)

8&U Spring Regionals (Mar 16)




SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2018 Long Course Season (April- August)

CCSC LC Invitational (Apr 13-15)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (April 21)

MAKOS LC Invitational (May 4-6)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (May 24)

Nu Wave Summer LC Open (June 8-10)

Falfins Summer Invitational- USAFA, CO (June 22-24)

BEST "Splashin' The Coast" (June 22-24)

Louisiana 12&U LC State Championships (July 13-15)

Louisiana 13&O LC State Championships (July 19-22)

NCSA Summer Championships (July 31- August 4)

Southern Zone Age Group Championships (July 31- August 4)

Southern Zone Senior Championships (August 1-4)



SWIM MEET RESULTS: 2017-18 Short Course Season (Sept- Mar)

Sunkist SC Classic (Sept 22-24)

HSC "Ed Kelly Memorial" 14&U (Oct 21-22)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Oct 21)

Nu Wave Fall Open (Nov 10-12)

Santa's Best- Biloxi (Dec 1-3)

TAQ Christmas Meet (Dec 1-3)

Winter Juniors West (Dec 6-9)

COLA "Toys for Tots" Christmas Meet (Dec 16)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Dec 16)

Nu Wave Winter Open (Jan 5-7)

Ralph Crocker Classic (Jan 12-14)

Crawfish Aquatics Winter Invite (Jan 26-28)

Nu Wave Splash Meet (Feb 3)

Louisiana 13&O SC State Championships (Feb 22-25)

Louisiana 12&U SC State Championships (Mar 9-11)

NCSA Spring Championships (Mar 13-17)

TX Super Sectional Championships (Mar 22-25)

8&U Spring Regional (Mar 24)