" Another reason CSI is so great!  I didn't want my daughter to feel like it's swim or nothing.  Before she joined CSI, she was asking to quit swimming, which kind of broke my heart.  Now, thanks to the CSI family, she is in love with swimming again!  I don't want her to resent it or feel like she's missing out on other things, so it's great to know that we can make exceptions when things come up...especially when it means so much to her.  Meeting Coach Jeanne at the Rec and having her introduce us to your program has made a huge impact on us! We couldn’t be happier...and I really mean that!  "  -E. Flute
"Thank you John and Katey!   I don’t know what you have said or done but I am overjoyed at how driven my daughter has become over the past few weeks with dryland and swim.  Thank you for being positive, supportive and motivating her to push herself." -S. Larsen