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Registration Options


All swimmers who sign up for the 2021-2022 program must commit to one of the following options outlined below.  The monthly training installments will be auto-drafted on the first of the month (3.5% credit card processing fee), unless a check payment is received in advance.  Invoices will be emailed around the 23rd of each month.  

Annual (*discounted rate)

The Annual commitment is the best option for the most committed swimmer and includes both the Short-Course and Long-Course seasons. 

Registration Opens: August 7 2021

Duration: 23 August 2021 – 6 August 2022

Age-Group Monthly Installments: (12) Sep thru Aug

     - Developmental: $70, Primary: $80, Junior: $100

Senior Monthly Installments: (9) Sep thru Dec; Apr thru Aug

     - Group 1: $189, Group 2: $155

School Year

The School Year commitment level includes both the Short-Course season as well as Spring Training and covers the entire indoor training season.  This level is perfect for those who are unable to commit to training over the summer months.

Registration Opens: August 7 2021

Duration: 23 August 2021 – 4 June 2022

Age-Group Monthly Installments: (9) Sep thru May

     - Developmental: $90, Primary: $100, Junior: $120

Senior Monthly Installments: (5) Sep, Oct, Nov - Apr, May

     - Group 1: $289 (Sep, Oct, Nov), $225 (Apr, May)

     - Group 2: $229 (Sep, Oct, Nov, $185 (Apr, May)


Short Course

The Short-Course (SC) Season is our indoor season.  Practice begins in late August and concludes after our Championship season in mid-March. 

Registration Opens: 7 August 2021

Duration: 23 August 2021 – 19 March 2022

Age-Group Monthly Installments: (7) Sep thru Mar

     - Developmental: $90, Primary: $100, Junior: $120

Senior Monthly Installments: (3) Sep, Oct, Nov

     - Group 1: $289, Group 2: $229


High School Prep

This group is for swimmers who are looking to train with our Senior group in order to ramp up for their high school swim season. 

Registration Opens: 7 August 2021

Duration:  23 August 2021- 31 October 2021

Monthly Installments: (2) Sep & Oct

     - Group 1: $289, Group 2: $229


Long Course

The Long-Course (LC) Season is the “outdoor” season.   Practice begins in early April and concludes after our Championship season in early August.  Long-Course training provides optional 50-meter pool practices for our Senior group and Age-Group Elite athletes in the summer. 

Registration Opens: January 2022

Duration:  4 April 2022 – 6 August 2022

Monthly Installments: (5) Apr thru Aug

     - Developmental: $90, Primary: $100, Junior: $120, Senior-Group 1: $225, Senior-Group 2: $185




*Seasonal Team Fee: A $50 non-refundable team fee is due at the beginning of both the Short-Course season (September) and the Long-Course season (April).

*USA Membership Fee (Transferable): USA Swimming charges all club swimmers a membership fee of $76.  This fee covers the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022 and is due at the time of registration. Developmental swimmers will be registered under USA Swimming's FLEX pass for $25, which limits participation in swim meets to two/year (Championship meets are not included), with the option to upgrade to the regular membership.

*High School Swimmers: The Senior Group practices until the last Saturday in October and may compete in USA meets up until their high school competitive meet schedule begins (typically the Braun Meet).  Swimmers may rejoin club practices immediately after the conclusion of their high school championship season.

*Senior Swim Strength: The Senior Group program includes Swim Strength training and is reflected in the monthly installment. 

*Performance Group: The Junior "Performance" group is an option available at our Broadview Heights location that includes team only, sports performance training for an additional $49/month (reflected in the monthly installment).  These dryland classes are held before swim practice.  Swimmers can upgrade at any time to the Performance level or downgrade at any time to the Swim-Only level.

*Important Dates: 

  • HS Prep: August 23 – October 31
  • Short-Course Season: August 23 - March 19
  • School Year (Indoor Season): August 23 - June 4
  • Annual (Both Indoor/Outdoor Seasons): August 23 - August 6
  • Long-Course Season (Outdoor Season): April 4 - August 6

*Swim Break: We will have a two-week break from the pool after both the Short-Course and Long-Course seasons…

  • 20 March - 2 April 2022
  • 7 - 20 August 2022