Goal Meetings: Schedule a time to meet with your coach to discuss what meets and events she/he thinks you should take part in based on his/her schedule and interests. The coaches’ schedule will be provided in order to set up a time that is convenient for each family.


Team Meets vs. Optional Meets: While swim meets are not required, there are certain meets that we urge our swimmers to attend. We are training specifically for these meet, therefore they are termed, TEAM meets.  However, we also want to provide the flexibility to allow swimmers to attend other meets due to scheduling conflicts, interest in getting additional official times or for various other reasons. These meets are categorized as OPTIONAL meets. Team meets will always have one or more of our coaches present. Optional meets, depending on how many swimmers commit, may or may not have a CSI coach present; If not, swimmers will need to be assigned to a coach from another team.


Team Meets

May 5 – May Madness @ Hawken Upper School (12 & Under). SCY. Timed Finals.  No Time Standards

May 11-13 – Team Travel Meet to Bloomington, Indidana.  Age Group & Open.  LCM. No Time Standards.

May 18-20 – Busbey Invitational @ CSU.  (Age Group & Open). LCM. P/F. Timed Standards for Open.

Jun 1-3 – Spring Into Summer @ Columbus. (Age Group & Open). SCM. LCM. Timed Finals.  No Time Standards

Jun 2-3 – CCS Age Group & Open @ Canton HS. (Age Group & Open). LCM. Timed Finals.  No Time Standards

Jun 14-17 – Jerry Holtrey Invitational @ Spire.  (Age Group & Open).  LCM. P/F. Time Standards.

Jun 29 – Jul 1 – 50th Annual Freedlander Meet @ Wooster.  (Age Group & Open). LCM.  Timed Finals.  No Time Standards.

Jul 7-8 – Avon Classic @ Avon Outdoor Pool.  (Age Group & Open). LCM. Timed Finals.  No Time Standards.


Championship Meets

Jul 27-29 – Lake Erie Age Group Championships @ Spire.  LCM. P/F. Time Standards: 10 & U- NAG B, 11 & O – NAG BB.

Jul 19-22 – Central Zone Sectional 3 Championships @ CSU.  LCM. P/F. Time Standards. 

July 25-29 – Phillips 66 National Championships @ Irvine, CA.  LCM.  P/F.  Time Standards.   

Jul 31 – Aug 4 – Speedo Junior National Championships @ Irvine, CA.  LCM. P/F.  Time Standards.

TBD – NCSA Summer Championships @ IUPUI.  LCM. P/F. Time Standards.

Aug 2-5 – Central Zone 14 & Under Championships @ Spire.  LCM. P/F. NAG AAA or faster.

Aug 2-5 – Futures Championships @ Richmond, VA.  LCM. P/F. Time Standards.

Aug 3-5 – Lake Erie Senior Championships @ CSU.  LCM. P/F. NAG B or faster. 


 Preparing for a Meet – Helpful Tips

  • Pack your bag - Pack (2) pairs of goggles, (2) suits, (2) towels and (2) sweatshirts/parka to stay warm between events.  Also pack some snacks, Gatorade and a deck of playing cards for fun.  Make sure everything has your name on it! 
  • Eat Smart, Stay Safe & Go to Bed at your usual time!
  • Write your events on the back of your hand.  Include the Event #, Stroke & Distance (ie: #7 – 50 Free).  This way both you and your coach know what events you are going to swim and you won’t miss any of them!
  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes before Warm-Ups & SIGN IN!!!  The first thing you should do once you arrive is to find the Sign-In Area and SIGN-IN!  Many meets have a “check-in” or “circle-in” area.  These are often simply the heat sheets spread out on a large table or taped to a wall. Follow the directions given to sign in, which may include CIRCLING THE NUMBER NEXT TO YOUR NAME FOR EVERY EVENT THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SWIM THAT DAY.  If you don’t sign in, you own’t swim your events!  Sign in for all of the events you have written on the back of your hand – if an event is missing or you can’t find your name for an event, let your coach know about it ASAP!
  • Find the Clerk of Course Area.  Often the Clerk of Course is just a set of bleachers or a number of chairs set up near the pool.  Swimmers go here to line up before they swim their event.  Usually there is a dry-erase board on the pool deck showing what event numbers are being seeded.  (Rule of Thumb: The Clerk of Course runs about (4) events in front of the meet itself, so if event 1 is in the water, event 5 is probably on call)
  • Find the Team Area.  Look for the CSI Swimming banner and put your gear there.  When you are not swimming you should stay in the team area.  Remember to have fun but also stay focused on your swims!
  • Find your Coach.  Once you have reported that you have checked in, the coach will let you know what lane the team will be warming up in.  After each race, report straight to your coach.  Your coach will discuss your race with you.  After your last event, see your coach before leaving the meet.  Then clean up the team area and have a safe trip home.  Job Well Done!