How to join Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming 


Thank you for your interest in Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming (GLSS).  Swimmers and families interested in joining the team should do the following:

Contact GLSS

  • Email  and include the following information: 

    • Swimmer(s) name 

    • Age(s) 

    • If you have a preferred location* 

    • Previous experience 

GLSS will schedule a tryout.  

Trial Period (Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we can not offer a 2 week trial at this time)

We offer and encourage a two week trial period.  During this time the coaches, swimmer and family can determine: 

  • Is the swimmer ready to be on a team  

  • Does the swimmer enjoy coming to practice 

  • Is the location a good fit* 

    • Does it offer the correct ability group 

    • Does it work for the family 


(Once the swimmer has completed the 2 week trial ) and has found the correct placement, it is time to register.  Registration

2020-21 Fall/Winter Fee Schedule

* GLSS has a place for every swimmer. We will help each swimmer find the right fit.