Try our TWO WEEK trial period!


How to join Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming 


Thank you for your interest in Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming (GLSS).  Swimmers and families interested in joining the team should do the following:

Contact GLSS at [email protected]

  • Email  and include the following information: 

    • Swimmer(s) name 

    • Age(s) 

    • Previous experience 

GLSS will schedule a tryout.  

Trial Period

We offer and encourage a two week trial period.  During this time the coaches, swimmer and family can determine: 

  • Is the swimmer ready to be on a team  

  • Does the swimmer enjoy coming to practice 

  • Is the location a good fit* 

    • Does it offer the correct ability group 

    • Does it work for the family 


(Once the swimmer has completed the 2 week trial ) and has found the correct placement, it is time to register.  Registration

2021-22 Fall/Winter Fee Schedule

* GLSS has a place for every swimmer. We will help each swimmer find the right fit. 

To sign up for GLSS updates, please text @GAGLSS to 81010 or sign up for a remind account here:  and create an account using GAGLSS as the class code.


GLSS can also be reached by phone at 440-473-8000 x7039