Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming offers a variety of programs for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to provide a program that teaches and trains all levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity and family participation in a safe and positive environment.


GLSS competitive team is a year-round USA Swimming program that competes in both the short course and long course season. The goal of this team is to empower our athletes to develop to their fullest potential in and out of the pool. Below is a basic description of each level.

Bills- High School Swimmers
Senior swimmers expected to train year-round in order to improve and excel. Continued emphasis on technique along with significant training and conditioning. Doubles and dryland are an important part of the program


This group is for advanced year-round Age Group swimmers Emphasis of practices will be learning how to improve by training and conditioning while maintaining proper technique

  • ●  Must be able to read a clock to send-offs and knowing times

  • ●  Achieved at least one A time standard

  • ●  Proficient in all strokes and turns

  • ●  Understand the concept of race strategies and how to incorporate them into daily practice

  • ●  Must be able to make 10x100 on 1:30


Practices will continue implementing skills and proper technique. Develop good practice habits with increasing interval training. Start building endurance and introduce effort levels and race strategies

  • ●  Ability to maintain proper basic interval work in practice

  • ●  Proficient in starts and turns

  • ●  Expected to participate in competitive meets



First level of competitive swimming. Stroke instruction is emphasized and interval training is introduced

  • ●  Ability to focus for length of practice

  • ●  Legal in 3.5 competitive strokes with times achieved in meets.

  • ●  Understanding of basic drills and swim terms

  • ●  Desire to participate in meets

A general rule, the more you attend practice, the more benefit and enjoyment the athlete will receive

These are guidelines used in structuring the Age group and Senior Group programs for long term development. All group placements are done at the coach’s discretion


High School swimmers looking to get in shape during the fall only.  Some attention will be paid to stroke and turn technique. But the emphasis will be on conditioning. This program runs September -November 3 




College swimmers looking for a place to train during the summer and/or over breaks.  This program is a year round membership.