GLSS Fall/Winter 2022-23 Pricing

Bills $155 per month
Fins $135 per month
Tails $120 per month
Gills $110 per month
Gilmour Student $75 per month

 This is the pricing for the Fall/Winter Session of September 6th - March 20th 2022. 

  All levels with the exception of Gills may attend daily practices.  Gills will be offered practices 3x a week.

  • A Non Refundable GLSS Registration fee is due at registration for all programs. This fee covers USA Swimming and Lake Erie registration, processing fees and other administrative cost.
  • Competitive Team Annual Membership Dues help cover expenses incurred by the team, including coaches’ salaries, pool rental and pool supplies, lifeguards, safety equipment, professional fees and more. These can be paid in full by 9/30 or monthly.
  • Program Fee:  Covers expenses incurred by program, including coaches’ salaries, pool rental and pool supplies, lifeguards, safety equipment, professional fees and more. Paid  when registering for the program.
  • Non-Recurring Fees: Each swimmer must be USA Swimming registered.  This is an $80 fee paid at time of registration (if need be) Meet entry fees, travel meet fees, special event fees, equipment and apparel fees. These fees are charged through the GLSS website and vary per family.
  • Late Fees: If the monthly payment is not received in full by the 15th of the month, a late fee of $15 per month will be assessed to the family’s account.


Important Information

  • All Fees are automatically billed on the 1st of each month through the GLSS website to the credit card or debit card on file.

    A family may suspend annual membership dues at any time. Written notification must be received by the 15th of the month in order to suspend billing for the next invoice.  In the event a swimmer suspends membership dues and returns during the same season a $25 reactivation fee will be assessed.

    If a swimmer is transferred to a different practice group by the coaching staff, the monthly installment will be changed to the cost associated with the new group.

    If a swimmer moves to the competitive team from a program they will need to pay the Family Booster Fee, unless they already have a family member on the Competitive team.

    LESI Financial Aid

    Lake Erie Swimming offers aid through the  Elaine Miller Fund.  The purpose of the Elaine Miller Fund is to provide funds to those LESI swimmers who otherwise would be unable to continue in competitive swimming or to attend special swimming events. Click here for the application.

    All GLSS  Families must have an active Visa, MasterCard or checking account on file in the Team Unify system. Failure to maintain valid credit card or checking account information can result in failed payments and late fees. Accounts with payments past 30 days overdue will be contacted by GLSS and a resolution sought. If an account goes past due over 60 days, swimmers will not be allowed to participate in practice, programs  or meets.