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We are what we repeatedly do.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Not what we occasionally do - or do when the mood strikes - or do when the situation is ideal.

For better or worse, we define ourselves by that which we are committed to.  We don’t claim to “eat clean” when we grab the first piece of chocolate cake that comes our way.  We don’t claim to be dedicated to getting enough rest, if we only get eight hours of sleep when we can’t find something to binge on Netflix.

But, when we start to consistently act in accordance to the story we want to tell ourselves, there are very few goals that we cannot achieve.

If we want to lose 20 pounds – we don’t eat sugar.  If we want to be a more “present” friend – we put away our phone when we are with our friends.  If we want to make a Speedo Sectional cut – we go to practice today.

And then we do it again tomorrow…and the next day…and the day after that…and all the days that follow – no matter what.  No matter that it’s your birthday.  No matter that your teammates bought you donuts.  No matter how sore you are.  No matter how late you stayed up the night before.

When you start to say “I’m that type of person who will do everything to achieve my goal, no matter what.”  You’ve given yourself a kind of superpower that most people never uncover.

So, who do you want to be?  What do you need to do today…tomorrow…the next day, to achieve your goals?  Even better, what are you willing to do – every day – for the next 30 days to get closer to your goals?

Here’s a trick (I know you all love your streaks on Snapchat):

Get a calendar, stick it on your wall or your refrigerator, and write down your Top Goals.  Then, every day you accomplish the steps to achieve those goals, write a BIG RED X on the date.  Your goal is to not break the streak of X’s!

Can you make it the entire 30 Days?