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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what meets my swimmer should attend?

    • Go to the Meets & Events tab on website. Click on GLSS MEET SCHEDULE. Most new swimmers would compete in the Developmental Meets. You can choose any meets that work with your schedule. Ideally you attend any Sailfish hosted meet.

  • How do I enter my swimmer into a meet?

    • At the bottom of the home page you will find Meets listed. For information on a meet click on the meet name. To sign up click on attend/decline.

  • What does Time standard or slower than NAG B mean

    • Some meets require qualifying times. These standards will be listed on meet notes. USA swimming has National Age Group Time standards (NAG) these can be found on the website under parent and swimmer resources.  Slower than NAG B meets are great for kids who haven't swum before. The goal for beginner swimmers is to work towards their “B” time.

  • What events should my swimmer swim?

    • Ask your swimmer and/or their coach.

  • What if they don't have any times?

    • Your coach,experienced parent or board member can help you make up a time.

  • My Swimmer is signed up to swim, now what?

    • Under Parent Resources click on Swim Meet 101

    • Look for emails about warm up time

    • Know that meets tend to be 3-5 hours with warm up and the meet. Parent seating can be warm so dress accordingly.

  • Where can I buy GLSS apparel, suits or equipment?

    • You can buy spirit wear, team suits, caps and equipment needed for practice on the website. Under the  Equipment & Apparel Tab Aquatic Outfitters offers a a GLSS Team

  • What do you mean we have to volunteer?

    • GLSS host 3 swim meets a year. These meets provide a large portion of our operating budget.  Each session of a meet takes about 30-40 workers. We need all our parents to volunteer in order to have a successful meet.

  • I have never been to a swim meet what type of jobs are available?

    • Click on swim meet volunteer job descriptions located under Parent and Swimmer resources.  This gives a brief description of each job.  When you volunteer someone will explain and show you how everything is done.


  • How do I sign up to volunteer?

    • When we host a meet there will be a Job Sign up button next to the attend/decline button. Click on the sign up and choose a job. Ideally you should pick a job when you sign your swimmer up

  • Is there any other time I have to volunteer at a meet?

    • Sometimes our LSC (Lake Erie) will host a meet and assign each club a job.  If GLSS does not fill those jobs we are charged a fine.  So if your child is attending one of those meets you may be asked to volunteer.

  • There is a lot of information, deadlines, schedule changes and events  how can I keep track?

    • There is a weekly update that comes out every Sunday. This includes the practice schedule for each site, important deadlines, upcoming events and highlights.  

  • Where else can I find important information

    • Coaches, Board members and experienced parents are always available and willing to  answer questions.

    • The website is full of useful information.  Good places to start :

      • GLSS Documents

      • Parent and Swimmer Resources

      • Practice Schedule

      • Calendar

      • Events

    • We will do our best to email last minute changes (hopefully there won't be too many)

    • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  You can find the links on our website.

Helpful Websites

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   USA swimming