Swim Meet 101

Swimmers Should Bring:


  • Goggles and Swim caps - swimmer should have at least 2 pairs in case one breaks.

  • Swimsuits- good to have a backup suit just in case. It is best if swimmers arrive in their suit ready to swim

  • Towels- having at least 2 towels is always helpful

  • Clothing- swimmers need to stay warm on deck. Team t-shirt, sweat shirt, pants or shorts. Things will get wet might want other clothes for after meet

  • Water and Snacks- Swimmers need to stay hydrated.  Healthy snacks and water are the best.

  • Sharpies - Used to write heats and lane on hand. Ideally parents or swimmers should put event number and name before swimmers arrive

Before Warm-Ups Swimmers Should:


  • Arrive Early- Swimmers should be on deck 15 minutes before their assigned warm up time

  • Circle/Sign In- If the meet is deck seeded  swimmers will need to circle in.  This means the swimmer will find their name on posted sheets and circle in. If a swimmer does not circle in they will not be assigned a heat or lane.

  • Put Events on Hand- If swimmer hasn't done it yet they should get events on their hand.

  • Find the Team- Look for coaches and other teammates and put your stuff down in that area. It is important the team sits together. This helps the swimmers get to know each other and the coaches to communicate with the swimmers as needed. Sometimes meets have team areas off the pool deck (in gyms etc)

  • Be Prepared to Warm Up - Swimmer should be in their suit with cap and goggles and listening for instructions

During the Meet Swimmers Should:


  • Find Heat and Lane Assignments- If the meet is deck seeded swimmers will need to find heats and lanes on posted heat sheets.  If the meet has been pre seeded swimmers can find heats and lanes in heat sheets

  • Listen and be Aware- Swimmers will need to know when their event is coming up and either report behind the blocks or to the clerk of course.

  • If Swimmer Misses an Event- Swimmer and coach should try and see if the Meet referee can get them in a different heat. Typically, the swimmer is out of luck, but it’s worth a try.

  • Swim!- Have fun swim fast and do your best!

  • Go see the Coaches- After swimming a race , the swimmers should go talk to the coaches. They will discuss each swim with the swimmer

  • Relays- Swimmers should check with coaches about if they are on a relay.  No swimmer should leave a meet without checking with a coach

  • Check if they Qualified for Finals*- If a swimmer qualifies for finals and is not planning on swimming, they  need to scratch within 30 minutes of results being announced. A swimmer who does not scratch and does not show will be taken out of the rest of the meet or fined. Please note swimmers should swim in Finals if they qualify

*Only some meets have Finals

Before Leaving a Swimmer Should:


  • Clean up- swimmers should make sure their area is clear of trash and they have all their belongings.

  • Pick up Awards- If awards are being handed out at the meet it is the swimmers job to check results and if they placed pick up their award.

What Parents Should Do:


  • Help you swimmer pack-  Make sure your swimmer knows what they need but let them pack their bags.

  • Get them to the pool -  Make sure swimmer arrives at least 15 minutes before warm up

  • Allow Swimmer- To Circle in, find coaches, find their heats and independant

  • Cheer and be Supportive- Watch, cheer and support your swimmer and their teammates.

  • Please Remember -The Pool deck is for Swimmers, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers Only.