Swimming Glossary

Age Group- Division of swimmers according to age. National Age Group Divisions 10 & under, 11-12,13-14,15-16 and 17-18.  

Circle in/Check-in- If a meet is deck seeded swimmers need to circle their name  on posted sheets before warm up.  If swimmer doesn't circle in they will not be entered in the meet.

Circle seeding- A method of seeding top 18-30 swimmers in a prelim/final meet.

Clerk of Course-Swimmers report to an area where they are lined up by heat and lane and escorted to blocks

Deck Entries-Entries accepted during a meet if space is available. Swimmer must have proof of USA membership if not already in meet

Deck Seeded- Swimmers circle in and meet is seeded during warm up.  Swimmers will need to find their heats and lanes from posted heat sheets

Deck Pass App- The official mobile application of USA Swimming

DQ- Disqualification is when a swimmer commits an infraction of the rules and  is observed by an official.

Finals- The session of a meet where prelims were previously held to determine the finalists (usually 6 to 20 in number depending on pool size and whether or not consolation finals are being held). The finalists compete to determine the winner.

Fly Over Starts- Start procedures at a meet in which swimmers of the previous heat remain in the water, close to the wall, during the start of the next heat.

Futures- USA swimming meet step above sectionals and below Jr nationals. Swimmers who achieve cuts can participate.

Heat Sheet- Listing of meet events with swimmers heats and lanes.

IM- Individual Medley an event that uses all 4 competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke and freestyle)

IMX/IMR- USA swimming program that encourages versatility in swimmers.  Swimmer completes a series of events and receives a score. Swimmers who complete the challenge will receive an award.  

JUNIOR NATIONALSA USA Swimming National Championship meet for swimmers 18 or younger, who have swum specified qualification times. National junior championship meets are conducted both short course  (December) and long course (August)

Long Course - A 50 meter pool

LSC- Local Swim Committee, the governing body that govern swimming at the local level. There are 59 LSC’s in the country. Our LSC is Lake Erie Swimming Inc.

Mid-States- Ohio and Lake Erie join together to create team Ohio and compete against Indiana,Kentucky,Michigan and Missouri Valley.  Swimmers who achieve an AA times from September- December of current season may apply. Top 4 swimmers in each event are selected

NAG Times (NAGTS)-National Age Group Time Standards -B,BB,A,AA,AAA and AAAA

NationalsUSA Swimming meet conducted in December and August for swimmers who qualify

NCSA - National Club Swimming Association. NCSA holds a Jr National spring meet in Orlando and a summer meet.  They also hold a Spring Age Group Championship in Orlando. Swimmer must achieve time standards

On Deck App- Official app for GLSS team unified website. Allows you to view best times, read team news, sign up for jobs, compare local and national time standards, update swimmer profiles, access results, check on your account balances.

Pre-seeded- Swimmers do not need to circle in. Meet will be seeded from submitted entries. Heat sheets typically available  

Prelims- In certain meets, especially championship meets, the qualifying rounds used to determine the finalists.

Proof of Time- A requirement at some meets to make certain that all swimmers have legally met the time standards for that meet. Monetary fines may or may not be assessed for any failed swim at meets.

Psych Sheet- A printed order of events by session with swimmers listed in order, usually fastest to slowest according to their entry times. It does not show heats. Typically available for purchase at admissions                 

Speedo Sectionals- First step towards National meets.

Short Course - 25 yard or 25 meter pool

Scratch- To withdraw from an event after having declared an intention to participate. In a Prelims and Finals (championship) format, swimmers who qualify for finals usually have 30 minutes to scratch

Slower than B meets- swimmers participating in these meets have not achieved NAG B times yet.

Timed Finals- A meet format in which swimmers' times from the heats are their final time in the event. The swimmers with the fastest times are the event winners.

Time Standards- swimmer must have achieved a certain time in order to participate in meet

Time Trial- a sanctioned "time-only" swim which is not part of a regular meet (usually used for qualifying purposes).

Travel Meets- Travel to other LSC meets to compete against different swimmers. Requires Hotel stay and additional charges

USA Swimming Card/ Number-  a membership card with a unique number assigned to a swimmer when he/she joins USA Swimming.  

Zone Meet - USA Swimming is divided into 4 zones: Eastern, Southern, Central and Western.  Lake Erie is part of the Central zone. Any 14 and under swimmer who has a AAA time makes the team. They travel together and compete against the other Central Zone Teams.

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