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Fall/Winter 2021-22

Open for Returning Members

8/23/21 - 2/28/22

Open for New Members

8/23/21 - 2/28/22


Welcome to the Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming Fall/Winter 2021-22 Registration!

The "About GLSS" tab gives a detailed description of our fees and practice locations and schedules.  Please choose the practice group that is recommended by our coaching staff.  If you are planning on Pre-Season High School, please note that it is for September and October ONLY (it does NOT include Post-High School season).  Below is a quick summary of the fees*.  

  • Gills $105*
  • Tails $115*
  • Fins  $130*
  • Bills $150*--No payments in December, January & February
  • Pre-Season High School $300* - for September & October (H.S. season starts in November)
  • Lake Catholic $450 *
  • Gilmour Academy Students $75*
  • College Swimmers-$150* one time fee

To register for Jr. Sailfish, please click here: https://www.teamunify.com/team/leglsoh/page/lesson-registration.  This is NOT Jr.Sailfish registration.

* All swimmers registering are required to be a member of USA Swimming and will be charged $80 for that membership at registration.  

Please take full advantage of the benefits of this fantastic website.  You can declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs and order GLSS team swim suits, swim equipment and GLSS spirit wear

Thank you for choosing Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming, we are excited for another great season!

The Great Lakes Sailfish Administrators