What to do/expect for parents:  

  • -Arrive at least 15 minutes before warm up begins to get settled  

  • -Bring layers to add/take off because the pool deck may be very warm  

  • -Expect to be sitting for a bit and maybe bring more comfortable bleacher seating  

  • -Meets may have many events which will take a few hours to complete (minimum of 3 hours for the entire meet)  

  • -Athletes may be sitting in a separate area (such as a gym) in between their races  

  • -We highly encourage spectators to wear face masks (or at least bring them just in case) 

-Athletes will be able to leave after their events are completed  


What to bring for athletes:  

-Team cap, goggles, royal blue swim suit (and backups of everything) 

-Water and Gatorade

-Snacks (pretzels, goldfish, fruit, granola bar, etc)

-At least 2 towels  

-A blanket or chair to sit on between events  

-Socks, sweatshirt, sweatpants -- highly recommend

-Entertainment: books, playing cards, music, homework, etc

-Face mask just in case