Parent Board Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose: The purpose of the Parent Board is to assist the coaching staff in putting on swim meets, providing social activities, communicating with team members, and growing the team.

Serving: To serve on the Board, members must complete a YMCA Background Check. We ask that members serve for at least 1 winter + 1 summer season, but no more than 4 seasons (unless a replacement is not available).

Meetings: Parent Board meetings will be monthly, but meetings can be added or removed as necessary. The Board will discuss current projects and plan future projects

September 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes



Current Member

Head Coach

-maintain contact with communications chair to stay up to date with board progress and events 

-attend at least 1 board meeting per season 

-provide assistance and guidance to board as needed

Maddie Dolce


-plan, schedule, and lead parent board meetings 

-plan and schedule other parent events

-maintain records of events, meetings, and other related parent board activities

Greg Smith

Communications Chair

-maintain communications between parent board and coaches

-send out related communications to team parents

-collect feedback from parents and pass along to coaches 

Reginald Hannah


-manage team money, maintaining records of money spent and raised 

-plan and manage fundraising events/opportunities (concession stand, etc


Recruiting + Retention Chair

-develop ways to retain current and recruit new swimmers 


Volunteer Coordinators

-maintain records of team member volunteering 

-communicate with parents about volunteering requirements and opportunities 

-secure volunteers for events as needed 

Samantha Krauss


Kim Tate

Social Chairs

-plan and run social events for the team as desired, including the team banquet  (pasta dinner, etc)

Loretta James


Heather Phillips