2022 HEAT-A-Thon
OCT 14
Time: 6:00 PM
EIN: 34-6001451
Mel Badziong Email
Please join us for our 2022 team fundraiser.

How does our fundraiser work?
Our fundraiser is similar to ones used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective team. To raise money, swimmers receive donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

This is a fun, social event! Swimmers will be competing on the orange or blue team, trying to be the team that swims the most laps, has the most spirit, and has the most fun! .

Participants | Rank 0/235
$4,350.00 Elin Barnes
$756.05 Lena Clifford
$371.00 Ian Addanki
$305.00 Kelsey Krizansky
Top Roster (amount)
$4,450.00 Level 3B
$1,149.39 Level 4
$876.00 Level 1B
$523.33 High School 2
$240.00 Level 1 - AM SESSION
Top Locations (amount)
$8,157.05 East Woods