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2021 12 & Under Summer Preview Meet at Twinsburg


Michael Rivkin - Michael showed off his improvement in the freestyle by dropping 6.7 seconds in his 100 & over 16 seconds in his 200.


Lee Rivkin - Lee came ready to rock! He nailed his flip turns in both the 50 Free and 50 Back, earning him time drops in both events.


Lillian Kasik - Lillian showed off her versatility in the pool by competing in her first 100 Breaststroke (SCY), earning a new B time in her 200 Free, and dropping 6.6 seconds in the 50 Fly.


Audrey Dowling - Audrey did a great job getting outside of her comfort zone, swimming the 100 Backstroke (SCY) for the very first time! She also enjoyed success in the 50 Free, dropping over 4 seconds.


TCAT LC Age Group & Open


Noah Bartlett - Noah went 4/4 dropping time in his races. This includes impressive drops of 14 seconds in the 100 Fly and 11 seconds in the 100 Free. His performance in the 100 Free also earned him his first BB time in the event. 


Tyler Badziong - Tyler swam a number of races for the first time in long course meters (LCM), including the 50 Back in which he earned his first B time in the event. Tyler also swam his best 50 Free ever, dropping over half a second.


Hannah Shannor - Hannah put together a fantastic 4 event program, swimming her first 100 Breast (LCM) and dropping time in her other 3 swims. Among her personal bests was a 15 second drop and first B time in the 100 Free.


Grace Swartzendruber - Just like Hannah, Grace rocked all 4 of her swims. She also swam her first 100 Breast (LCM), and dropped time in her 3 other events. A 8.5 second drop in the 100 Free earned Grace her first B time in that event


Robert F. Busbey Invite

Ryan Bonomo - You wouldn’t have known it if you were watching, but this was Ryan’s first long course meters (LCM) meet. Over the course of the weekend, Ryan racked up 1 BB, 2 A’s, and 3 AA time cuts. Not too shabby!


Jackson Hoover - Jackson had 4 great swims this weekend! He swam his first 100 Back & 50 Breast (LCM), and dropped 3.5 seconds combined in his other two events. Great job, Jackson!


Lena Clifford - Lena had a great weekend, toughing out her first 200 Free (LCM), and dropping time in her two other swims. The BB time she earned in the 100 Breaststroke was her first in the event. 


Avery Holtz - Avery lit it up all weekend, dropping time across 5 of her 6 swims. The 10 seconds she lost in the 100 Free earned Avery her first B time in the event. 


CCS Invite

Steve Karas - Steve swam his first 50 Breast (LCM), and dropped time in each of his 3 other swims. He saved his best performance for the 100 Back where he dropped over 10 seconds!


Alex Li - Alex’s swims were a great mix of new and old. He swam in his first 100 Breast & 50 Fly (LCM), and enjoyed time drops in his other two events. A 6.5 second drop in his 50 Back earned Alex his first B time in the event.  


Elle Gullett - Elle threw down her best swims every time she hit the water. She swam her first 200 IM (LCM), and dropped time in all of her other 5 events. Including a 26 second drop in the 200 Free & a 35 second drop in the 100 Fly!


Brooke Stiegemeier - Brooke wanted to swim her first 400 Free (LCM). It was only offered at the Open session, so she decided to swim with the big kids. After a long wait, she raced as the youngest competitor in the event and earned her first BB in the event!


Holtrey Summer Classic

Charlie Falke - Charlie is always ready for a race, and that's what he did at the Holtrey meet. He wrapped up his weekend with 2 top 10 finishes, personal bests in 4 of his 5 swims. A 4.6 second drop in the 100 Free earned Charlie a new BB time.


Ian Cho - Ian’s hard work paid off to the tune of 6 personal best swims at the Holtrey meet. Amongst those swims was a 14 second drop and new BB time in the 200 Free (LCM), and a new A time in the 50 Fly (LCM)


Gigi Falke - Gigi was on fire all weekend! Among her 11 personal best swims were new AA times in the 100 Fly, 200 Back, 400 Free, and 50 Fly; and a new AAA Zone cut in the 100 Free.


Alex Taylor - Every time Alex hit the water, she swam faster than she ever had. She won 6 individual events, and 3 of her 12 personal best swims were new AAA Zone cuts (100 Back/200 Free/400 Free).


TCAT Mid-Summer Swim Meet

 Patrick Newyear - Patrick had a clean sweep of personal bests across all 6 of his events. In the process, he earned new BB times in the 100 Back and the 1500m Free (LCM). His time in the initial 800m of his 1500m was good enough for a BB as well, which made it 2 new BB times during his first attempt at the race!


Jonathan Wu - Jonathan had a great weekend, dropping time in 4 of his events, totalling almost 30 seconds. He also completed his very first 50 Fly (LCM).


Amiya Womack - Amiya enjoyed a solid day at the pool earning 3 personal best swims. In addition to her new BB time in the 100 Breast, Amiya tried the 400 IM (LCM) for the very first time, earning a new B time.


Nimrit Saini - Nimrit did a terrific job in her very first 50m Breast (LCM). She also earned 3 personal best swims, including a massive 31 second drop in the 100 Free (LCM)


Avon Classic

Isaac Cho - Issac braved the elements and threw down some great swims. One of his 2 personal best swims was in the 50 fly, where he earned a new BB cut.


Avery Petiya - Avery did a tremendous job taking on two new events; the 100 Back and the 50 Breast (LCM). The 5.4 seconds she dropped in her 50 Free earned her a new B time, and one more swim at JO’s.


Alexa Karas - Alexa was in fine form in Avon, dropping personal bests in 4 of her 5 races. She dropped a total of :50 seconds across those races, including a massive :30 second drop in the 100 Free.


Andrea Karas - Andrea was a perfect 4 for 4 with new personal best swims. She dropped over 20 seconds across all of her races, including 6 seconds in her 100 free, and 9 seconds in her 50 Free.



New National Team Members! 


Congratulations to Natalie Brindley, who earned her first Sectionals Cut in the 50 Free at Speedo Sectionals.


Congratulations to Sara Baylor, who earned her first Sectionals Cut in the 100 Back at JO Championships.

Congrats to Alex Taylor, who earned her first Sectionals Cut in the 50 free at JO Championships.

Congrats to Emily Yorkievitz, who earned her first Sectionals Cut in the 50 free at JO Championships.




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