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Winter Break Schedule & Team Pictures

Team photos are in! Check your swimmer mailbox at EW! (Black filing cabinet located in the lobby next to the trophy case!) Several swimmers...

By Parent Council President

Holiday HEAT Middle School Meet

Middle School Swimmers - 6th, 7th, and 8th - Save the Date! Dec. 18 - Holiday HEAT Middle School Meet! More info soon!

By Parent Council President


Swimmers of the Meet

The 2022 Mark J Braun Fall Classic

November 18-20 2022

Amiya Womack for time drops, especially in her 100 back

Alex Gallagher for his amazing finals breaststroke swim

A BIG congratulations to all 8 of our age group swimmers .  Every single one of them dropped time, made a cut time or personally had a breakthrough.  It was a great meet for each swimmer!

Ryan Bonomo, Tyler Badziong, Zoe Badziong, Elin Barnes, Lena Clifford, Colin Gullet, Abby O’Connell & Brooke Stiegemeier

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