Thank you for your interest in HEAT! 


HEAT’s mission is to develop highly motivated and successful individuals to maximize their potential in and out of the pool.



HEAT offers a guided age-group program for children age 5 and up.  HEAT has been awarded a Bronze Medal Club status from USA swimming as one of the top 200 clubs in America several times over the past 10 years.


We offer training groups for the beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer.  When a young person becomes a member of HEAT, they learn so much from goal setting, working hard, sportsmanship, team work and so much more.  Swimming with HEAT provides physical, emotional and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime.


Heat is a year round swim program that has a couple different registration periods: 


Fall/Winter Short Course Season + Spring Long Course

Labor Day - Memorial Day

Tryouts Late August

Spring Long Course Season 

April - May 

Tryouts Early April 

Summer & AMSA Summer Rec

Memorial Day - Mid July

Tryouts Late May 


Minimum Requirement to make the team: Swimmers need to be able to swim a full 25 yards (one length of the pool) freestyle, breathing to the side; and backstroke, both without stopping. 


A tryout is required to ensure swimmers are able to complete the above requirements as well as to assess which practice level he/she should be placed in. Information on our levels is available here.


HS swimmers should contact Coach Matt directly with proof of times: [email protected]


Swimmers transferring from another USA Registered team and who have competed USA, will need to complete a USA Team Transfer Form. Please complete the form and send it to Pam Cook, LESI Registrar. Her info is on the form.


Try-Out Instructions- 


Please pre-register here.


Be sure to sign up for a time slot on sign up genius - located at the bottom of the link above. 


LOCKER ROOMS: Please be sure to arrive in your suit. Locker rooms may be used after the tryout or for swimmer restrooms. No parents are permitted in the locker rooms.  Single stall bathrooms are located near the exit doors for parent use. 


Please bring goggles. Caps are optional, but bring one if you want to use one.  Don’t forget your towel! 


Try-outs should last approximately 15 minutes. After try-outs, the swimmer and parent will receive feedback from the coach and instructions on how to register, as well as which group to register for. 


The Fall info packet has important information such as team fees, level descriptions, and more. 



Swimmers must try-out, be registered and approved in order to attend practices. 



Team Registration

Registration for New Swimmers will open the day try-outs take place. Visit and look for the orange box on the right hand side that says ‘Swimmer Registration’. 


1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom (after reading the information) and select the green "Continue or Check Status" button. 


2. Follow all instructions. Be sure to fill in all emails that you'd like information to be sent to, including athlete’s email 14 & Over! Also, please fill in the SMS (Standard Messaging System) with your cell phone information to receive text messages that we may need to send last minute or with important information. 


TRANSFERS ARE ONLY FOR THOSE TRANSFERRING FROM ONE USA TEAM TO ANOTHER--see form above. This is NOT for those coming from AMSA, Country Club League, or the JCC. YMCA Swimmers should only fill this out IF they were registered as a USA Swimmer. 


3. Please be sure to mark the correct shirt size for your swimmer. This is how we know what size to order your swimmer for their team shirt and we do not order extra. 


4. Your swimmer may begin practices once you receive your email of approval from TeamUnify. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval. 


Once you register and your registration is approved, you will receive an email from TeamUnify (TU) asking to confirm your email. Please do so! This is where all our team information comes from. Please check your junk/spam folder, as sometimes it filters in there. Once season begins, a weekly newsletter is sent out with important due dates and practices changes for the week. Please let us know if you are not receiving this weekly email from our Team Manager. 



Helpful Links:

Required Equipment by Level
Volunteer/Service Information

Questions I didn't even know to ask - from a new swim parent.


Meet Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

2022-2023 Short Course Schedule Coming Soon!