Getting Started with Team Unify

  1.     Set up SMS and verify
    •   We have the ability to send text messages to different roster groups should the need arise.  Make sure you're in the loop by setting up now:
      Tutorial: Setting up Email and SMS Information
  2.     Set up Auto Pay
    • Never be late with payments by setting up Auto Pay.  TU bills monthly for any outstanding fees that you accrue during the season (meet entry fees, additional team t-shirts, etc.).  
    • To set up Auto Pay, click on "My Account" and then "Set Up Auto Pay" in the right-hand navigation bar to enter your credit card information for your account.
  3.     Watch the tutorials - we've put together a list of tutorials you should watch to get started with making the most of the system:
  4.     Download the On Deck Application (Android and iOS both available).  
    • Our alias is leheat (for Lake Erie HEAT)
    • See quick start guide, above!


Have Questions?

Have a question that's not answered on the website?  Feel free to contact members of the Parent Council or Coaches by going to Parent Info/Coaches & Council, and sending one of us an email.

We don't bite.  Much.




Team Unify Meet Entry and Billing FAQs

As we all get used to our new team management software, we'll post items here that have come up as a frequent question.

Meet Entry Questions

  • I don't see red checkmarks next to my swimmer's events for a meet on the Athlete Signup page -or-

    I don't see my swimmer's events in On Deck -or-

    I see one of my swimmer's events with the red checks (or in On Deck), but not my other swimmer even though it shows my entry declarations.

  • As long as you see your swimmer(s) Name and "Committed" in the "Member Committment" column, your entries have been received. When entry declarations are received, there are a number of "back-end" things that must occur, including checking USA Swimmer membership, team affiliiation, entry times, etc.

    When coaches have to add a custom time to an entry (either due to a swimmer having an NT, or for other reasons), the entries are automatically marked as "Coach Approved", and the red check mark will show next to the entries. Only Coach Approved entries show up in On Deck!

    Once the entries have been committed and the entry file created, all swimmers who have declared entry will have red check marks next to their events.

  • Why am I not able to enter my swimmer in one meet with "faster than" cut times, and in another meet with "slower than" cut times, I am not able to enter them there either. How can my swimmer be both "too fast" AND "too slow"?
  • It all depends on how the meet host has set up eligibility for a meet. There are two main determining factors: Course, and Course order:
    • Some meets will accept times from ANY course - Short Course Yards (SCY), Long Course Meters (LCM) and Short Course Meters (SCM). When multiple courses are accepted, the meet host determines the precedence of course order. For a meet which designates its course order as "YLS" - it means it will take qualifying times from SCY first, if it finds none there it will look for qualifying times in LCM, and if it finds none there it will take times from SCM. If your swimmer's best qualifying time is in SCM, but they also have a qualifying time in SCY, the SCY time will be used.
    • Some meets will only accept times from a certain course, however. This means that if your swimmer only has a time for an event in SCM (for example, from our pool at EW) and the meet is only accepting times in SCY, the SCM time will not be accepted as a qualifying time for the meet.
    • A swimmer can have a time for a meet that is "too slow" for a "faster than" meet that only accepts SCY times, but "too fast" for another meet which has "slower than" cut times because that meet accepts all courses.

Billing Questions

  • How and when is my Team Unify Account charged?
  • Account balances, including but not limited to meet fees, group move charges, miscellaneous event charges, etc., including the administrative credit card fee ($.30 + 2.95% of transaction) or ACH fee ($1.25 per transaction) are billed on the first of each month to the credit card on file for your account. HEAT does not accept checks for these monthly payments, and a credit or debit card is required to be kept on file for these payments.

  • You can review your account at any time by going to My Account/My Account, clicking on the Dues Schedule tab, and and clicking on View Account Invoices.

  • Should your account carry a balance past the 21st of the month for any reason, your account will automatically be assessed a $10 late fee for that month.

  • Registration is billed directly at the time of registration, and is subject to the credit and debit fees listed above.

  • When and how do I pay for meet entry fees?​​​​
  • Meet entry fees are charged on a monthly basis, on the first of the month, to the credit card in the "Payment Setup" tab of your account (My Account/My Account from the right-hand navigation menu).  Prior to the first of the month, you should check the charges for the month on the "Dues Schedule/Check Account Invoices" tab to review what will be charged to your credit card.  Your credit card must be set up to be used for fees associated with your account so it can be automatically billed.  Should payment not be made by the 21st of each month, a late fee will be assessed.

  • Entry fees are NOT processed when you enter a meet via the meet entry page; there is no "double-charge" occurring.   

  • There was an issue with my monthly payment via Credit Card/ACH, and now I have a balance - what do I do? 
  • Please review your account by following these steps:

    • Sign on to the team website;

    • Click on "My Account/My Invoice/Payment" in the right-hand navigation menu;

    • Review the "Payments Made this Month" section.  In this section, you will see information on why the CC/ACH transaction failed.  

    • Update your payment information by following these steps:

      • Click on "My Account/My Account" in the right-hand navigation menu to bring up your account information;

      • Click on the "Payment Setup" tab;

      • Select the "Update Card" button, and fill out the appropriate information.  Note that the information will be blank, even though you have a credit card set up; this is for privacy purposes.   

    • Once payment information has been corrected, you can pay your balance by following these steps:

      • Click on "My Account/My Invoice/Payment" in the right-hand navigation menu to bring up your current invoice information;

      • Click on the "Make Payment" tab;

      • Fill out the form as appropriate and click "Pay Now".

      • For a video tutorial, click here