Is my child good enough?
How do I know if my child is good enough?

Before registering with our team, each swimmer is evaluated by our coaching staff to determine if they are prepared for competitive swimming and if so, which group they will be placed in. A good indicator to determine whether your child is ready: have they passed through level 5 of Red Cross swim lessons and/or are they able to swim 1 length of the pool in each of the four competitive strokes.

Do I have to live in Hudson to join the team?

No. We welcome swimmers from all communities!

I have heard HEAT is very competitive, is that true?

HEAT is a USA competitive team so we do strive for our swimmers to improve their technique and compete in various meets during the season. Our team structure is so that swimmers have the opportunity to improve over their swimming career. Our youngest swimmers will only swim a few days a week for an hour and they will gradually move up in groups where practices are more frequent and longer period of time. We do not move our swimmers up in group until we feel they are capable.

How many practices per week? How long are practices?

For our younger swimmers there is no required number of practices each week but we do suggest at least 3 practices a week in order to consistently show improvement. Our older swimmers 4-5 Practice per week. There are incentives for the swimmers to attend practice often.  See the practice information page(s) for more information.

What happens if my child misses a practice (is there any penalty)?

There is no penalty for missing a practice. If your swimmer misses several practices due to illness or injury, we ask for a doctor’s note. School comes first, my child has a lot of homework, is it ok if we only come to 1-2 practices a week (on a regular basis?) We understand homework comes first. Yes, it is ok if your swimmer can only manage 1-2 practices a week due to homework. In this case, we would suggest 1-2 practices during the weekday and possibly attending Sunday practice as well.

Are there any weekend practices?

Sunday practices are offered, but not mandatory.  See practice information page(s) for practice times.

How long is the season?

HEAT has a short course season that beings after Labor Day and runs through Memorial Day. Our summer season begins after Memorial Day and runs through the middle of August. 

How often are the meets?

There are meets almost every weekend, but we have required meets for each group that are about once a month.

Where are the meets?

Meets are located mostly in NE Ohio within a 30-45 minute drive of Summit County. We generally attend one optional "travel meet" per year that requires an overnight stay.

How long are the meets?

Each meet session runs about 4 hours in length (an AM session and a PM session). Some meets are one day and several meets are 2 days in length (attendance both days are not required).

Are the meets just like the summer league meets?

No, HEAT meets are much larger with many U.S.A. teams attending. They are also run more formally according to U.S.A. swimming rules and regulations, including a touch pad timing system.

Are the meets mandatory?

There are mandatory meets assigned to each group – the higher the group/level the more meets required. Usually 3-4 per group during the winter season.

Do we pay for meet entries? How much are the meet entry fees?

Swimmers/parents pay for each event for USA meets, the team pays for relays and coaches assign swimmers to relays. Meet entry fees are dependent on each individual meet. The individual events are usually range from $4-$5, plus a LE surcharge (usually about $2.00). 

Who decides what events the swimmers will be entered in--coach or parents?

Coaches choose all events. Swimmers are encouraged to talk to their coach about events they are interested in swimming.

How much does it cost to sign up? What is included in that cost?

The cost differentiates based on group. The beginning level groups do not cost as much because there are not as many required meets and practices are not as often or as long. Prices include the basic fee (which covers pool rental, professional coaching instruction, etc.), a team shirt, a team swim cap and a USA swim membership.

Are there any additional costs (i.e. equipment, meet admission, etc) not included in the registration fee?

Not included in the fee is equipment (snorkel and fins and other optional items – need is based on group). Also not included is the team suit, all swimmers are required to have a team suit that is in new condition to wear to swim meets. At the meets, spectators may want to purchase a heat sheet or food or swim attire.

Does the registration fee have to be paid all at once or can it be paid in installments?

You may pay all at once or, we offer a split payment option (with credit card only). The payment is due upon registration, with the first half being processed between Sept 1st and Sept 15th and the second half processed between Nov 1st and Nov 15th. With the split payment option there is an additional $10 processing fee.

If my child wants to drop out, can I get some of my money refunded?

If a swimmer decides within the first 2 weeks of practice they do not wish to continue to participate HEAT will refund all but a $50 non-refundable fee.