About Kraken Swimming

Team Vision

Kraken Swimming strives to provide a safe and positive learning environment for swimmers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The coaches and staff foster the belief that everybody has the ability to learn how to swim. Kraken Swimming provides a consistency amongst its coaches and instruction from the time the child first enters the water in Parent Child through the time they graduate high school(Black Group). Kraken Swimming offers passionate coaching and instruction that produces the best quality athletes.


The lesson groups work towards building confidence and independence in the water for children with little to no experience. The children are taught by the same coaches involved in our competitive program. This ensures that the child will have all the skills needed when and if they are ready to join the swim team. Lessons fosters a love for the water by providing a means for kids to get in the water at a very young age. Our coaches are dedicated to making the lesson experience as individualized as possible to allow the child to develop their skills in the water at their pace.

Competition Team

This team is a USA affiliate and competes in many meets in Northeastern Ohio. This team focuses on refinement of the four competitive strokes while providing high level training to its athletes. The ages in this program can span from 8 and under through high school. This team offers training up to 6 days a week, along with dryland and weight options before or after swim practice. The coaches are dedicated to providing the very best instruction and training for their athletes while fostering a fun and positive learning environment.  Through their dedication and passion for their swimmers, coaches in this program will continue to produce some of the top athletes this area has to offer.


Summer Swim League

This program is for swimmers ages 4-18 who love the training aspect of swimming but do not wish to compete in swim meets or who are working towards being swim team ready. This program offers training 4 days a week and provides a focus on technique in all four competitive strokes and building endurance in the water. Like lessons our summer swim league is coached by our competitive team coaches. These coaches always strive to make the program as individualized as possible to meet the needs of each athlete while providing a fun and positive learning environment.

Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming allows people over the age of 18 to continue their training with guided coaching 6 days a week. During the coach guided practices there will be focus on technique for beginners and refinement for seasoned swimmers.  This program gives the training aspect of swimming but with lots of flexibility to accommodate work schedules. Masters also offers the chance to compete in various pools in Northeastern Ohio. This program is great for swimmers of any level.