" Before coming to this program, I would look up some swim workouts online, then try to do them at the pool. - wasn't very productive and didn't have any feedback on what I was doing. 
The Hubbard masters swim program with Brandon has been the best thing for my swimming! Having a coach on deck to create dynamic workouts that never get boring, always pushes you a little bit, and are fun!  
I've been in the program for 10 months and every day is a new workout.  
 I've improved my swim a lot and feel more confident as a swimmer. Would be my recommendation to anyone who wants structured workouts with fun people! 
There are swimmers of all different ablities. 
Occasionally we plan social events outside of swimming too!"
-Tom Grey

"I have been a member of the Kraken Masters Program for about 6 months as part of my training for triathlons and overall fitness.  As a child, I was never a fan of the water as I would get cold easily and didn’t know how to/couldn’t swim very well.  After slowly trying to learn how to swim again as I started my triathlon training last year, I felt that I needed some instruction from a coach and program that would help me to become more comfortable as a swimmer.  Instead of just “swimming laps” by myself like I was doing before joining, I get a structured workout in a fun environment while feeling like I am involved in a team atmosphere.  The Hubbard pool is a clean, well-maintained pool that is just the right temperature for continuous/intense swimming.  The workouts have a different focus each day with drills, sprints, open water simulations and skills, endurance swimming, relays, swim meet specific skills, and instruction on different swimming strokes and techniques.  Being paired with other similarly skilled swimmers helps push me to work harder through friendly “competition” and mutual encouragement.  I am still learning and am not a very fast swimmer in the pool, but as the months have gone on, I feel that I have improved my swimming abilities with the help of the Masters program.  My base pace has decreased by about 5-7 seconds per 100 yards, and I can now swim 50 yards in 50 seconds when it was taking me over a minute when I started.  I’ve also learned how to flip turn and start off the blocks (instead of “belly flopping” every time!).  If you’re looking for a group activity that can improve your swimming for racing in triathlons or swim meets, or if you just want to enhance your fitness by trying a new sporting discipline that is friendlier on the joints, the Kraken Masters program is a great choice!"-Greg Sines

"I love this program—it’s exactly what I was looking for! I swam competitively
for a decade before taking an eight-year hiatus. When I got the bug to get in the
pool again, I wanted a program where I wouldn’t feel pressured to perform.
Brandon, the head coach, is supportive and creates a positive, welcoming
environment for anyone interested in training in the program. Even though there’s
a written practice for the day, he tailors it as needed for each individual,
regardless of ability or age, and he focuses on the quality of the practice instead
of cramming in as much yardage as possible. Brandon is especially clever at
designing practices that are enjoyable enough that you don’t always realize how
hard you’re training. Also, the team consists of a great group of athletes, all of
whom are pleasant training companions. Whether you’re a former competitive
swimmer looking to get back in the water, a triathlete looking to improve your
swimming technique, or someone looking to get more out of lap swimming, it’s
worth taking a look at the Kraken Swimming Masters Program!"- Kayla Alden