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Sarah Tobin

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  • Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) | All LESD families need to review

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  • New Swimmer Tryouts | Please contact Tim Hable to set up an individual tryout

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Message from Tim


Caleb Dressel's 5 Steps To Improve Your 50 Free (aka any event)

1.  "Have a purpose for every practice you go into and stay focused.  No matter what practice it is, come in there with a goal...have one goal, one purpose for that practice and make sure you hit that."

2.  "Make your teammates better...that's why I hate having bad practices because I feel obligated...to make myself better and to make my teammates better."

3a.  "Make yourself uncomfortable...every single practice.  What is Troy saying? 'Get comfortable being uncomfortable.'"

3b.  "Do things in practice that have never done before."  This goes hand-in-hand with log books.  Caleb has always been known to log all of his practices no matter if they are good or bad.  How do you know if you are improving if you aren't collecting any data?

4.  "Communicate with your Coach...any insight will help him/her be a better coach and will help you become a better swimmer."

5.  "I do a humble job at this one...always see the light at the end of the tunnel...and I'm referring specifically maybeto the end of practice...Trials isn't for another 6 months."


-Caleb Dressel


Parents Please be at practice to pick up your swimmers at the end of the scheduled practice time; it is unfair to ask the coaches to stay late waiting for the swimmers ride to arrive. This is especially true of the last practice of the day as the coaches need to lock up and turn off lights.  THANK YOU

Please remember that it is still winter despite the warm temperatures.  Please wear proper attire (winter coat, hats, long pants, boots, etc).  Continue to get a lot of sleep and eat healthy.   The end of the season is just around the corner, let's make sure we are ready.  Concentrate on DETAILS daily.

Continue to focus on the details, work hard, and swim fast!

Please check the website daily to insure there is practice at your location.  Practice changes will be updated but HS meets and the weather may cause changes.


Meet Entries

Click here to register for meets. 

Information for additional meets will be emailed as soon as it is available. Please get your entries in on time.  Entries are sent to the meet the day after the entry deadline.

Important Upcoming Meet Information:

  • Barbara Kay Mini-Champs (8 & Unders) - We have a block of rooms for the Barbara Kay Mini Meet.  Click here to reserve your room at the Holiday Inn Express.  We will also have a team dinner on Saturday night.  More details for the team dinner will be available soon.

  • Michigan Open - LESD has a block of rooms at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Auburn, Hills (1500 Opdyke Rd, Auburn, Hills, MI 48326).  Rooms are $105/night and includes breakfast, all rooms have two double beds.  Reserve your room(s) by January 24 by calling 248-373-4550 and mention Lake Erie Silver Dolphins to get the room rate.

Championship season is on the horizon. Please make sure to check in with your coach on meet entries, training schedule, and which meets to wear tech suits. 

Last Chance Meet

LESD is hosting the Last Chance Meet on Sunday, February 9 at SPIRE Institute.  We will need your help to make this meet a success.

Click here or the image below to sign up to work the meet and click here to bring items for hospitality.

New Communication

We have been working on more ways to communicate any practice or meet changesPlease take a moment in to update your account so you can recieve our text message alerts. In Your account, will need to have a verified "SMS phone number" and mobile Carrier.   Click here to learn how to update your account to receive text message alerts.  

Also have you downloaded the OnDeck App? This App is connected to our website and you can sign up for meets, meet worker positions, your swimmers information and more. Click here to download the app

Practice Schedules

Please click here to view all practice locations

Please wear the proper clothing (winter jackets, hat, pants) especially when leaving practice with wet hair.  We want to make sure everyone stays healthy.

If you have questions, please contact the corresponding coach for the swim group/practice location. We will continue to update this schedule and point out any changes in the weekly bulletin but also post the updates in the schedule tab on LESD.org. 


Towel Orders

LESD is offering Personalize LESD towels. Swimmers can choose to have their name in cursive lettering or classic bold lettering.

The towels are $24 each.

Orders are due Friday, January 31, 2020

You will be billed using your credit card on file in Team Unify.

Please complete all information below.  Please complete one form for each towel ordered

To order LESD Personalized Towels, click here.

Contact Sarah Tobin at sarah.lesd@gmail.com if you have questions.



Junior Dolphins 

The next session of Junior Dolphins will kick off in the end of January and the online registration is now open! Click the image below for the registration.

Say Cheese!

We are looking for more ways to highlight the achievements and fun moments throughout the season. Please take a moment to share photos of your Silver Dolphins to be highlighted on the website and social media. Click here to email any fun photos.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy


The well-being of our athletes is our highest priority.  We need to provide a safe and fun swimming environment for all athletes and families.   

Click here to view the New Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) for LESD

Click here to view MAAPP 101.  Remember all athletes 18 & over must complete APT Training every year.  Athletes 18 & over must complete all 3 courses AND the survey.  Click here to get for more information and to complete the courses.

Click here to acknowledge that you have read and understand MAAPP.  Click here to email your completed acknowlegement.

All LESD families MUST review the MAAPP information and sign the acknowledgement form.  Thank you to those who have already completed it.  If you have not completed the program, please complete it at your convenience. 

Hawken Swim School & Swim Instructors

Click here or the image below to learn more and to register for Hawken's Swim School! Lessons are Saturday's from February 29th - May 2nd and are open to ages 4+.

If you are interested in being a swim instructor for the Hawken Swim School please contact Allie via email or phone.

USA Swimming Experience

Each spring, USA Swimming invites 48 athletes from underrepresented populations to participate in a three-day National Diversity Select Camp program which includes pool training, motivational and education sessions and team-building activities. Click here to learn more information and how to apply. 

Team Tryouts

LESD will hold indivual tryouts throughout the season.  If you have friends or family who are interested in joining LESD, please email Tim Hable to request an individual tryout.  Your swimmers will get in the water and swim for our coaches and they will provide a recommendation of which LESD swim practice group best matches your swimmer's talent and age. 

Please complete a new swimmer tryout form prior to attending your scheduled tryout.

Helpful Contacts


Below are helpful contacts

  • For general inquiries on LESD - please visit our helpful new FAQs page
  • For coaching-related or practice schedule questions - please contact Tim Hable
  • For registration, billing, or meet entries - please contact Sarah Tobin
  • For USA registration, transfers, or monthly billing - please contact C.J. Musser
  • For Hawken Swim School or swimmer incentives/awards - please contact Allie Vitantonio