Weekly Bulletin

Sarah Tobin

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  • COVID-19 Update | Team & USA Swimming updates during the pandemic. 

  • Message from Tim

  • Birthday Shoutouts

COVID-19 Update

We are eager to get back on deck with all the recent statements from Governor DeWine, The Ohio Department of Health, Ohio High School Athletic Association and USA Swimming regarding pools, school buildings, and swimming. Please know through this process of re-opening responsibly, we are continuing to keep the safety of all our families and coaching staff at the forefront.

We continue to make progress on how to move forward throughout the summer and into the fall and wanted to share the following available updates as of Saturday, May 30 8:30 p.m. EST.

  • New Normal – There has been a lot of changes in the works for all of your safety and we appreciate your support in advance of these new guidelines that could include but are not limited to wearing face masks (except in the water), new practice and meet atmospheres with smaller groups to allow for proper physical distancing, limited use of locker rooms, new equipment policies, and the possibility of daily symptom assessments. Specific restart procedures will be communicated in compliance with each specific practice facility site. 
  • Re-Opening Start Date – For the safety of everyone, all official LESD practices anticipate to start the week of June 15th. Any pool facilities that are open prior to these official practices must comply under the ordinance of the Responsible ReStart Ohio and USA Swimming guidelines.
  • Practice Schedules – Given these updated safety guidelines and protocol, the team will be adjusting to individual swimmer schedules since all facilities vary by capacity and capabilities.
  • Team Billing – Billing will resume aligned with each swimmers training schedule. If you do not wish to have your swimmer resume activity through the summer – please contact us by Monday June 8th and we can continue to keep your account suspended. A detailed billing update will be communicated after official practices resume to all active swimmer(s) accounts that will include any adjustments/credits before the next billing cycle is processed.

Thank you for your continued patience and partnership as we work to restart responsibly. We are all excited to get back on deck.

Message from Tim


Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

Congratulations to the Silver group teams who have made it to Omaha and are working on getting back to Cleveland

  • Big bRaInS (Quinn, Sarah, Carys, Evan)
  • Run Direction (Danielle, Will, Addie, Daniel)
  • The Swimming McNuggets (Bree, Dominic, Katie, Max)
  • The team with Maddie, Lauren, Logan, and Lia (Maddie, Lauren, Logan, Lia)

It is likely we will NOT be taking a break in August so what we do this summer will be a great feed right into the winter season. 

We will continue to post dryland ideas, videos, etc every few days so please keep watching the webpage under practice schedule for the latest material.

Click here for dryland ideas, videos and webinars.

Click here to purchase stretch cords at a good price.

Zoom Meetings

  • Gold Group Zoom meetings will be on Monday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. each week 
  • Silver Group Zoom meetings will be Tuesday and Friday at 3:30 p.m each week
  • Bronze Group Zoom meetings will be Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. each week

Login information for the meetings will be sent out this weekend.  The emails will be sent via Team Unify; therefore, it will go to the email associated with your account.  If you would like your swimmer to receive emails, please add his/her email address to their profile in the TU account.  Please forward the email to your swimmer if necessary so they can join the meetings.


Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday 

  • Ingrid T.
  • Julia J.
  • Kelsey K.
  • Olivia U.
  • Donovan L.

Cheers to all the following upcoming birthdays!

  • Danielle G.
  • Sophia W.
  • Abrham S.
  • Giorgi M.