New Mandatory Pre-Screen Process Starting 7/6

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins

As we have been working on re-opening safely we found some ways to improve our process. A very important piece of minimizing contagion in our team is to conduct the mandatory at home self-assessments prior to attending any LESD practice.

We will be moving away from the daily monitoring log form previously provided and will be implementing a new tool starting Monday, 7/6. We will be utilizing a great resource from Hawken to make the at home self-assessments easier for you and your coaches. Starting Monday, 7/6, all swimmers practicing at Hawken, Solon and Quail Hollow will be required to use this system.

Your coaches will not allow Silver Dolphins to participate if they have not completed the TeamBuildr pre-screen or have identified symptoms.

Take a minute to look at the next steps for TeamBuildr.  Here are the details:

  • You will receive an activation email from TeamBuildr (if not – contact us)
    • The email for activation will be sent to your swimmer’s email associate in their Team Unify account or the default of parent account email when a swimmer email was not included in Team Unify. All swimmers will receive an activation email for TeamBuildr for their sign-up, no one should sign-up before receiving the notification.
    • If your swimmer already has an TeamBuildr account, they will be able to do the pre-screen for LESD with any other activities previously used on the app. They will just need to make sure they complete the pre-screen on everyday  there is activity 
  • Activate your account for your swimmer(s) – Each Swimmer will need their own account.
  • Download the TeamBuildr Phone App for extra convienance, but you can also log in on your computer

Watch this short tutorial provided from Hawken - please note, this app will only be used for the pre-screen submissions. All other team activity will still go through our Team Unify system. 

Click here for step by step instructions on how to submit your pre-screen before every practice. The pre-screen must be completed the same day as the activity, it cannot be done in advance or after. 

Click here for details on your swimmer(s) assigned practice schedule. 

Thank you for your attention to this upgraded platform for your health and we look forward to seeing your swimmers on this system after the Holiday.

Stay Safe!