Letter To All Silver Dolphins From Coach Adam

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins

Dear Silver Dolphins,

I am honored to serve as your new head coach and director of the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins and lead this talented USA swim team.

Not only have I been a coach of this team for many years, but I also lived in your shoes for 11 years as a Silver Dolphin myself. I know the dedication, growth, and strong work ethic firsthand and have already had the honor of watching on deck a lot of your growth.

There is a lot of great groundwork placed for this team, but we also understand there are areas of opportunity to enhance the team’s experience. I intend to prioritize needs and improve our team for our next chapter. LESD’s mission is to develop nationally ranked swimmers while aiding in each athlete’s social, physical, and emotional growth. I am dedicated to supporting each of you as individuals and as a team. The attributes our team stands for are critical character-building blocks for your bright futures. As a member of this special USA swim team, whether you want to learn a new stroke, drop time in your events, make a national cut, or have a collegiate swimming career – we will support each of your individual goals.

Please know our team of coaches at each site is hard at work for your long-course season, and I look forward to what this summer has in store for our team. As I get situated in my new role, you can expect a few things from myself and all of our fine coaches: Every swimmer on the team will know me, and I will know them. We will work to have better, more coordinated streamlined communication to all of our families. Our coaches will continue to teach, train, and inspire every swimmer to reach their fullest potential so that, at the end of each day, you’ll be proud to be a Silver Dolphin.

Continue your hard work, and have fun! Swimming is a tough but rewarding sport, and you need to find the joy in the drive, day after day.

Keep setting goals and working towards reaching them!