Monthly Members - Important Account Information For Middle/High School Seasons

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins

The below information was emailed to all active monthly members on October 19, 2022. 

Dear Families,

As we approach the Middle School and High School swim season, we wanted to remind everyone about the LESD Change of Account process for monthly paying memberships. 

Please review the information below and if your swimmer does not plan on attending LESD practice during their school season, please fill out the required Change of Account form, please note that we cannot change account status with an email. This account change form must be completed once for any change in your membership (ex. to pause or resume activity).



  • Active - A member participating in any LESD practice, events or meets.    

  • Suspended  - Member temporarily pauses their training during the season. The swimmer can not participate in any LESD practices or meets*during the pause and must fill out the form to become active before returning.

  • Canceled Swimmer- A member who is stopping all training and meets and has no plans to return to LESD during the 22-23 Season (through July 2023). Canceled members can re-active their account at a $25.00 charge per re-activation. 

*Meets before a swimmer starts their school season (ie:  Braun) can be attended.  



  • LESD does not prorate monthly fees. Accounts are suspended after the billing for the last month’s activity (see bullet below).

  • LESD billing is retroactive. Fees paid on the 1st of the month are for LESD activities the prior month. Example -  if your swimmer participates in October practices and meets, October billing will occur on 11/1.

  • Outstanding balances, adhoc optional purchases (meet fees, apparel, etc), and monthly fees for other active members on your account will be charged accordingly. Click here for instructions on accessing your LESD billing history and upcoming payments. 

  • LESD will not refund fees retroactively due to the change of account form not being completed. 

  • If a swimmer suspends or cancels their account, they must reactivate before returning to practice by completing the Change of Account form again.  High School swimmers have a different option outlined below. 

  • Gold Morning and Saturday offerings are LESD practices year-round. If your swimmer attends these practices, please DO NOT suspend your account. 


Accounts with High School Swimmers:

  •  If you participated in October training, your account will be billed on November 1 for October practices.  

  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend the Braun meet and will have access to the meet information, volunteer sign-up, etc. This is approved by OHSAA as the Braun meet is before any high school competition. 

  • Who complete the form and select:   will return after High School Season/March  

    • Your swimmer account will stay active without monthly membership fees from December 1-March 1 to allow for post-season meet sign up etc. 

    • Your account does not need to complete the form again as we will set your account to start payment again on April 1 for March fees.

  • If you do not state you will return in March, we will suspend the account, and you will need to fill out the Change of Account form when the swimmer is ready to return. 

If you have additional questions, you can submit those on the Change of Account form and Administration will follow up with you. 

Thank you in advance for completing the Change of Account form!