Through this process of re-opening responsibility, we continue to keep the safety of our families and coaching staff at the forefront. Given the updated safety guidelines and protocol, the team will be adjusting to individual swimmer schedules since all facilities vary by capacity and capabilities. 

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Please note there are no practices at Hawken Upper on 7/4

Things to do on your own while practices are suspended due to COVID-19

  • Click here for webinars sponsored by USA Swimming
  • Click here for Breaststroke Technique video featuring Russell Mark
  • Click here for online technique courses for the week of May 11 sponsored by Fitter Faster 
  • Click here for an at home core workout presented by Olympian Jacob Pebley
  • Click here for a video demonstrating a series of stretch cord exerecises for Silver and Gold Group Swimmers
  • Click here for some things to think about during your downtime 
  • Click here to purchase stretch cords at a good price
  • Click here for some drylad ideas
  • Click here for some dryland ideas from SwimSwam
  • Click here for some dryland ideas from SwimSwam
  • Click here to register for this weeks free live broadcasts sponsored by (week of 4.13)
  • Ideas for some dryland this week;
    • ¼ mile run
    • 40 Jumping jacks
    • ¼ mile run
    • 50 Dolphin Kicks (on back)
    • ¼ mile run
    • 1:00 plank
    • ¼ mile run
    • 100 bicycle kicks
    • ¼ mile run
    • 40 Jumping jacks ( front to back)
    • ¼ mile run
    • 50 side to sides
    • ¼ mile run
    • No rest between each exercise


Virtual We LEAD   Summit  – April 18, 9:00am – 11:30am (MST)
·        Who:  9 th , 10 th , 11 th , 12 th  grade male and female athletes, 30 spots available
·        Facilitators:  Cathy Wright-Eger and Roberta Kraus; panel of NT athletes
·        Register  Here
·        Tagline:  Join us for an educational and community driven digital summit focused on growing athletes into leaders.
  • Click here for Yoga for swimmers
  • Click here for some dryland for 13 & Overs
  • Click here for some dryland ideas
  • Click here to see what the National Team members are doing to stay in shape while out of the water
  • Click here for some dryland activities
  • Click here for some useful stretches
  • Click here for some dryland activities to do while we are out of the water.
  • Below are a few podcast that we think would be beneficial to the swimmers.  If you are available to login please do so.
    Podcasts Coming
    Must Watch!
    To fill some of that time while a lot of us are stuck at home, check out some of our different podcast offerings below! We will be covering a wide range of topics from injury prevention to biomechanics. Links and start times are listed below with some brief descriptions on the podcast topic.
    Also, make sure to learn a little more about our podcast guests and interviewers below!
    Swimming Science Podcast: Thursday 4/02/20 3 pm PDT
    The swimming science podcast provides vital information for swimmers, swim coaches, swim parents, masters swimmers, and swimming fans. Learn first hand from the top swimming researchers, swim coaches, swimmers, and many more. This Thursday 4/2/20 at 3 pm PDT, Dr. John Mullen interviews leading researchers on shoulder injury prevention in swimmers. Dr. Boettcher and Dr. Ginn discuss their latest study on   shoulder strength ratios in elite swimmers  .
    You can join live on   The Swimmer's Corner   here
    Milorad “Milo” Cavic (Serbia): Won the silver medal in the 100 meter butterfly at the 2008 Summer Olympic in a historic race with Michael Phelps. The 4 times Olympian graduated from the University of California (Berkeley), was a former World, European, and World Record holder. He is currently the head coach at King Aquatics in Federal Way, WA  .
    Dr. John Mullen, DPT is a World-renowned expert and speaker in sports training and rehabilitation. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at USC, as well as the Josette Antonelli Division Service Scholarship, Order of the Golden Cane, and the Order of Areté. At USC, he also performed research on strength training and rehabilitation. Dr. John has worked with over 30 Olympic and Professional athletes, helping them earn over 15 Olympic medals. He was also the editor of the book   Swimming Science  and was named one of the   Best 3 Physical Therapists in Santa Clara.
    Dr. John Mullen
    The Social Kick Podcast: Thursday 4/02/20 5 pm PDT
    In this episode of the Social Kick Podcast, the guys sit down with Olympic silver medalist and former World Record Holder Milorad Cavic. Milorad is most well known for his historic 100-m butterfly races with Michael Phelps.
    In this episode the guys discuss:
    • Milorad's views on the Olympic postponement and how we would have reacted if a postponement occurred in 2008.
    • Milorad's thoughts on athletes protesting during award ceremonies.
    • Milorad and Bryan discuss their reflections on the "Super Suit" era and how much they helped certain swimmers.
    Please post your comments below for Milorad!  
    You can join live on   Swimming Science   here
    Swimming Science Podcast: Tuesday 4/07/20 3 pm PDT
    The   Swimming Science podcast   provides vital information for swimmers, swim coaches, swim parents, masters swimmers, and swimming fans. Learn first hand from the top swimming researchers, swim coaches, swimmers, and many more. 
    Tuesday 4/7/20 at 3 pm PDT, Dr. John Mullen interviews leading Dr. Andersen, leading research on swimming freestyle bio-mechanics. In this interview, Dr. John and Dr. Anderson discuss his latest study on the   shoulder and hip roll at different speeds in National level swimmers 
    You can join live on   Swimming Science   here.
    Dr. Karen Ginn
    Professor Ginn is a musculoskeletal anatomist in the Discipline of Anatomy & Histology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney. She teaches functional, applied anatomy to various health professional groups and is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in part time private practice. She is involved in research related to the assessment and treatment of shoulder dysfunction including evaluating the validity and reliability of components of the physical examination of the shoulder. She has approximately 50 publications in such journals as Journal of Orthopedic Research, Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, Physical Therapy, Journal of Physiotherapy, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine ,Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology and Clinical Anatomy. She is regularly invited to present at conferences both nationally and internationally and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania. She is currently a member of the Board of the International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists.
    Dr. Craig Boettcher
    Craig opened Regent Street Physiotherapy in 1999. He graduated with 1st Class Honors from The University of Sydney in 1992 and has worked in private practice in Newcastle for 23 years. Craig was awarded his PhD in 2010 by the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Sydney, for his research into shoulder function, and is currently an Honorary Associate researcher with the Faculty. During his career as a physiotherapist Craig has attended and presented at numerous courses and conferences including presentations at the World Congress of Physical Therapy, Vancouver 2007, the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Port Douglas 2010, and the Australian Physiotherapy Conferences, Sydney 2009 and Melbourne 2013, and is a presenter at the Level 3 Sports Physio course which is the final level of training for Physiotherapist’s attaining their Sports Title. Craig was also an invited course presenter for ‘The Management and Rehabilitation of Swimmers Shoulder’ at Aspetar, Sports Medicine Centre, in Doha, Qatar.
    Craig is a Titled Sports Physiotherapist and has worked with local, State and National teams in many different sports. He has worked with the Australian Swim Team for over 8 years attending the Olympics, 3 World Championships and 2 Commonwealth Games with the team. He has also traveled internationally with the Australian women’s softball, and Paralympic swimming and basketball teams. Locally he has worked with the Newcastle netball state representative teams for many years. He is an NSWIS and Hunter Academy of Sport preferred provider, and presents frequently for the Coast and Valley Swimming Association.
    Dr. Jordan Andersen
    Jordan Andersen recently completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, Australia. Jordan conducts research in Bio-mechanics, Sports Performance, and Motor Control. For his doctoral thesis, he investigated the demands on the torso muscles in freestyle swimming by analyzing underwater electromyography and kinematic data he collected from regional and national level swimmers at the University of Porto, Portugal. Jordan was awarded the 2018 Student Mini Research Grant from the International Society of Bio-mechanics in Sport for his work in Portugal. His current interests include the use of neural networks in bio-mechanical analysis and improvements in 3D modelling of human movement. Jordan is the Manager of the Sydney Bio-mechanics Laboratory at the University of Sydney.
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Important Note: The online practice schedule is a helpful tool for family planning and our staff tries to update in a timely manner. Please note there could be unforeseen or last-minute changes to the schedule that may not be on the online due to timing. Make sure you and your swimmers are staying connected with their primary coach on any changes to their weekly training.  If you have questions, please contact the corresponding coach for the swim group/practice location or Head Coach, Tim Hable