Silver Dolphins Are Back! 

It has been great to see a lot of our Silver Dolphins. Thank you all for being so diligent and complying with the “new normal” situation. We are excited to be back in the water and look forward to beginning to get back in shape. 

We wanted to clarify some of the important protocols due to the pandemic that are in place for the safety of all our swimmers, families, and staff. Safety continues to be a top priority for returning on deck. These steps are to help prevent rapid spread within our team. Effective containment depends on early symptom identification, removal from practice (isolation), and strict guidelines regarding return to practice. 

We will continue with pre-assigned practice groups by times and locations to minimize contagion within our team and adhere to COVID-19 contact tracing. We will only make adjustments to individual swimmer schedules with advance notice to ensure proper safety measures are met. 

Please keep in mind the important mandatory team safety procedures that are as follows:

  1. At Home Health-Assessments – Please continue to be vigilant, all swimmers(s) and coaches must complete their TeamBuildr Pre-Screen every day prior to practice. The coaches will check before every practice to ensure all swimmers and coaches are safe to proceed. Please contact us if you have any questions on this process prior to the first practice.
    1. All swimmers will receive an activation email for TeamBuildr for their sign-up (if they don't already have an account), no one should sign up before receiving the notification.
    2. Swimmers and coaches will need to submit their pre-screen on the same day as each practice, you cannot complete the pre-screen the night before or else your results will not show correctly in order to practice. 
  2. Drop off/Pick Up – There is dedicated time between practices to properly sanitize each facility. Please be mindful of when you are dropping off your swimmers as we ask if you can please drop them off no more than 10 minutes before practice to also minimize any additional opportunities for contagion and promptly pick up at the conclusion of the practice.
  3. Contact Tracing - Coaches will be taking attendance via Team Unify for every practice and your swimmer(s) attendance can be accessed in your family member(s) accounts (under the attendance tab) and if a positive case occurs, we will contact any affected families on an individual basis.
  4. Facility and State of Ohio Mandates – Please continue to wear your mask at all times (outside of the water) and adhere to facility protocols specific to each practice location and always maintaining physical distancing.

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or sick must stay home.  

For the team's safety, we have created specific practice groups to minimize contagion and wanted to clarify all current LESD practices for this reason.  Your swimmer(s) can only attend the practices assigned and cannot switch times or locations unless authorized by the coaching staff. 

The practice groups have been assigned on an individual swimmers basis to minimize contagion in our team and adhere to best practices for COVID-19 contact tracing. It is important that as a team, we continue to maintain the practice group assignments and only make adjustments with advance notice to ensure proper safety. 

  • For Butler practices - please email Coach Bocci
  • For SPIRE practices - please email Coach Thad 
  • For all other practices - The swimmer assignments have been emailed to the Team Unify account's primary email address. If you have any questions on your swimmer(s) specific swim practice time, location, or group that was pre-assigned to limit contagion - please email Tim Hable.