Silver Dolphins Are Back! 

It has been great to see a lot of our Silver Dolphins during this first phase of re-opening. Thank you all for being so diligent and complying with the “new normal” situation. We are excited to be back in the water and look forward to beginning to get back in shape. We do plan on taking it slowly as we know everyone has had more time off than they usually take at this time of the year. Please think about technique above everything at his time and you will be swimming fast again before you know it.

We wanted to clarify some of the important protocols due to the pandemic that are in place for the safety of all our swimmers, families, and staff. Safety continues to be a top priority for returning on deck. These steps are to help prevent rapid spread within our team. Effective containment depends on early symptom identification, removal from practice (isolation), and strict guidelines regarding return to practice. 

  1. Please review and sign the Mandatory Procedures Acknowledgement form. For those of you who have not already submitted the form, we must have a form in for each swimmer (also signed by parent/guardian) in order to continue to participate.  This acknowledgment outlines all of the safety precautions for families, swimmers, and staff that are expected to be followed at all of our practice sites. 
    • Swimmers should expect to have a permanent pre-assigned lane position for this phase, staging areas with directional traffic flow that minimizes contact and defines physical distancing, and specific practice time, location and swim groups to limit contagion.   
  2. All swimmers and coaches are required to take self-health assessments at home prior to any team activity and providing their results. This is an imperative step to help mitigate rapid spread within our team. 
    • The coaching staff will be taking attendance each day and should confirm with all swimmers that the at-home self-assessment was completed and the daily monitoring log was submitted. 
    • For all swimmers praticing at Hawken, Solon and Quail Hollow, swimmers will be required to submit their at-home self-assessment results in the TeamBuildr app prior to coming to practice (account activations have been sent to all swimmers assigned to practices at these locations). Anyone who does not complete this step will not be allowed to practice.  

Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.  

For the team's safety, we have created specific practice groups to minimize contagion and wanted to clarify all current LESD practices for this reason.  Your swimmer(s) can only attend the practices outlined below and cannot switch times or locations. 

  • For Butler practices - please email Coach Bocci
  • For SPIRE practices - please email Coach Thad or use the new calendar feature
  • For all other practices - Click the link below to look for your swimmer's name and their designated weekly practice information and practice name to use the new calendar featureIt is in alphabetical order by swimmer's last name for your convenience.

Click here for updated practice information (updated 7.2.20)

There will not be practices at Hawken Upper on 7/4

Unfortunately, with the available pool space capacities, there are registered swimmers not yet in the water. If your swimmer's name is not on this list, your account is suspended until we can accommodate all registered swimmers in the water. We are looking into more potential practice times and locations that would start after 7/6.

If you have any questions on your swimmer(s) specific swim practice time, location, or group that was pre-assigned to limit contagion - please email Tim Hable.