Joining LESD is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Complete a Team Tryout! This helps determine which level of Lake Erie Silver Dolphins (LESD) best fits your swimmer’s talent and age. 

2022-23 Tryout Information - Click here for more information

  • Every year we typically hold tryouts in August for the upcoming season, but we always have individual tryouts that you can sign up for above

For the safety of the team, please make sure no one in your household is COVID-19 symptomatic, quarantining, or COVID-19 positive the day of the tryout. 

  • What do you need for a tryout/assessment? Each swimmer will need to bring their swimsuit, goggles, cap, and towel. 
  • Tryouts provide an opportunity for your family to meet some of our dedicated coaching staff. Your swimmers will get in the water and swim for our coaches and they will provide a recommendation of which LESD swim practice group best matches your swimmer's talent and age. 

Step 2: Complete a Two Week Trial

LESD offers all swimmers a two-week trial period before officially registering for the team.  During these two weeks, you and the coaches will work together to see what the best fit is for your swimmer(s).

During this trial period during COVID-19, the new swimmers can participate in practices only if the following is met

  • The swimmer is free of any COVID-19 symptoms and monitors their symptoms daily.
  • The swimmer's immediate household is free of any COVID-19 positive tests.
  • The swimmer has not been asked to quarantine from any other activities due to COVID-19 exposure.

Parents - some helpful questions you can consider during the trial period are…

  • Is your child ready to participate on a swim team?  Do they have the necessary skills?  Are they interested? 

  • Is LESD a good fit?  Does what you see match with what you want for your child?

  • Which practice group/facility fits your child best?  Which lane is best?

  • How many practices will you attend each week?  How does this work in your family schedule?

  • What are your goals in participating in a swim team? What is your child good at?  What do they need help with?

Have any questions? Check out our helpful Team FAQs.

Step 3: Join LESD by officially registering with the team online 

All that remains is to pay our team fees and registration.  


  • Once registered administration will approve and send a confirmation welcome email which will include any COVID-19 specific protocols.

  • The registration fee is the same for all LESD swimmers, but team fees vary according to the practice group due to longer practice times and increased practice frequency for more advanced swimmers. Information on the team fees is included in the registration process instructions (#7) and please use the resource of the team FAQs for more helpful details about our team. 

  • LESD uses an online payment system via Team Unify, and team registration will open in mid-August. Please contact the Chief Administrative Officer, C.J. Musser if you have any questions about the team fees or process.

  • If you are transferring to LESD from another USA Swimming Club, then you will also need to complete the USA Swimming Transfer Form.  Click here to download and complete our team's USA Swimming Transfer Form.

  • Please note: If the registration is closed we will offer a waitlist on a first come first serve basis as we have new maximum capacities for some of our practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic.