About The Lake Erie Silver Dolphins


The Lake Erie Silver Dolphins (LESD) swim club is a member of Lake Erie Swimming, Inc., the Northeast Ohio affiliate of USA Swimming, the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States.  

LESD mission is to develop nationally ranked swimmers while aiding in each child's mental, social, physical, and emotional growth. LESD swimmers are encouraged to be the best that they can be.  They are taught to take responsibility for their actions and to develop a true appreciation for what they, as a team and as individuals, can accomplish.  These critical, character building life lessons resonate with Silver Dolphins for the rest of their lives.

The team is comprised of six different training group levels with five different locations. We operate on a 12-month basis, with short breaks between seasons. The summer ("long course") season starts early in April and extends through mid-August, while the winter season ("short course") runs from September through late March.

Since Lake Erie Swimming was established in the late 1960's, the team has an unparalleled record of proven success. 

  • Silver Dolphin Growth - 95% of all Silver Dolphins have made at least one best time in the past 12 months. They also learn the value of hard work, commitment, and self-discipline. 
  • Competitive Performance - LESD has won almost every age group championship meet, long course and short course since 1968.  Lake Erie Silver Dolphin swimmers hold many of the local records in all age groups.  LESD has also won the women’s team-high points for several USA Sectional meets, were the overall team champions at the 2013 spring Sectional Championship. 
  • National Excellence - LESD has produced Junior and Senior National Champions and High Point winners, Open Water National Champions, World Champions, and Olympians. And regularly provide a group of qualifiers for Lake Erie all-star teams, Quads, and Zones.
  • National Recognition - LESD was a USA Swimming Gold Medal Club in 2008, and is currently a Silver Medal Club (2012-2014 and 2019).  LESD has also earned Level II in the USA Swimming Club Recognition Program.  The Club Recognition Program identifies and recognizes USA Swimming clubs for their commitment to excellence in operation, performance, and the support and development of USA Swimming.