Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. When does the season start?  USA Swimming is a year-round program which begins in late August and concludes in late July each year. USA Swimming has two seasons, a short course season which takes place from August-March and then a long-course season which takes place from April - July. Monthly memberships can be suspended for months swimmer(s) are not practicing or participating in meets. 

2. What are the steps to join LESD? It is a simple as 1-2-3, click here  for information about our team tryouts and two-week trial period. 

3. How do I sign up for the team?  Team registration is available online. Our 2022-23 Annual Registration is live, the season begins in August 2021 and remains open throughout the year until July 2022. This will take you step by step through all the information needed to complete the registration for our team.  You must be USA and LESD registered before attending your first swim meet and to practice after the two-week trial. 

4. How do we sign up for meets or team events? We provide easy online sign up via our website. You must be registered with the team and logged in to complete your swimmer's sign-ups. You will also receive email notifications regarding specific meet entries and deadlines that align with your swimmer's practice group and times. You should also speak with your swimmer's primary coach on upcoming meets that are best for your swimmer along with the events they should swim. 

5. What does the practice schedule look like?  Our practices will vary by each swim practice group.  Depending on your swimmer(s) practice group and location (which is determined by age and talent), your practice schedule may change depending on the season/time of the year. Click here to learn more about our practice schedule for all groups and locations. 

6.  When will we know the practice schedule?  The schedule for each week is posted on the website under the calendar function. Be sure to check the calendar often and any changes will be communicated as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Adam Katz or your swimmer's primary coach. 

7. How will practice schedule changes be communicated? In the event of a schedule change due to facility changes or other conflicts, an email will be sent to (primary email on your registered account) the affected swim groups and locations. We will also be working on other immediate communication forms to help our busy families stay up to date like the OnDeck App and Text Notifications. 

8.  How much does LESD Swimming cost?  Our cost takes into consideration the amount of training and coaching, so depending on what group your swimmer(s) is associated with, determines the annual and monthly fees.

9.  What does that cost include? Click here for a detailed description of all costs associated with the team which includes, registration, monthly coaching fees, and additional fees such as swim meets, personalized apparel, team events, etc. 

10.  Are there additional expenses? Your swimmer(s) will need to provide their own swimsuit and goggles along with various training equipment suggested by your swimmer's primary coach. Visit our online Team Store today.

11.  Where can I find all the info in the world about LESD?  Continue to browse our website! 

12. Where can I go if I have other questions? We have many outlets to help our Silver Dolphins to support our team.

  • Your Coaches - Your swimmer's primary coach is a wealth of knowledge. You can contact them regarding workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming-related needs.
  • Our Staff - Our administrative staff is here to assist you!
    • Your Primary Coach - Click here for a list of primary site coaches who will be your first point of contact for any swimming-related questions like practice assignments, practice times, training-specific questions or competition schedule and events for your specific swimmers. 
    • Head Coach - Please contact Adam Katz for swimmer-related questions, including team tryouts, swimmer assignments, or practice-related questions. 
    • ​Meet Entry Chair - Please contact your primary coach for assistance regarding any meet entries.
    • Chief Administrator - Please contact C.J. Musser regarding billing, swimmer rewards, team communication or apparel.
  • Veteran Parents Julie Musbach can give you a firsthand experience on everything from how to prepare for a swim meet to the decision-making parents encounter when it comes to your swimmer’s club team experience.  You can email her or call her at 216-562-7032 (c) or 216-261-9087 (h).