2019 -20 Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/18/19 - 8/1/20

Open for New Members

8/18/19 - 8/1/20


Welcome to the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins (LESD) Online Registration for the 2019-20 Seasons

If your swimmer(s) practices at CSU, Hawken Upper School, Hawken Lower School, Mayfield, Orange, or SPIRE, please proceed to the bottom of this registration page.

If your swimmer(s) practices at Cleveland Skating Club, please use this link to register: Clevend Skating Club Registration; this registration is only for those who are members at CSC.

If your swimmer(s) practices at Butler High School, PAplease use this link to register: Butler, PA Registration; this registration is only for those who practice with Coach Dave Bocci in Butler, PA.

If your swimmer(s) practice at Chagrin Valley Athletic Club, please use this ilnk to register:  Chagrin Valley Athletic Club;  this registration is only for those who are members at CVAC.


Please read the following registration information.  You will NOT be able to save information as you register so please make sure you have the following information readily available before you start the registration process.

  1. Email address- This will be the primary email address that you wish to use for your family's account as well as to receive any email correspondences from LESD.  You will need to know your email and password if you have an existing account. If you do not remember your password, click here to email Sarah Tobin for assistance.
  2. Billing information- Address and phone number for parent/guardian.
  3. Emergency contact information 
  4. Health insurance carrier 
  5. Swimmer(s) group assignment- Our training group descriptions are posted under the Team Info tab.
  6. Primary practice location- We realize swimmers from time to time may practice at more than one location, but please choose your primary location. 
  7. Decide on your payment option- Click here for a detailed overview on all team fees. 
  8. Credit card or bank account information

Once you have the above information, you are ready to register your swimmer(s) for the team.  CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON at the bottom of this page.


  1. Email is our primary method of communication. You must enter at least one address for your primary login.
  2. Billing information - Returning members please make sure your billing information is accurate and current.  New members will need to enter billing information.
  3. Parents/guardians - Please enter names and contact information.
  4. Insurance and Emergency contact information - Enter your insurance carrier as well as Emergency Contact name and phone number. 
  5. T-shirt size - Enter your swimmer(s) t-shirt size for team apparel. 
  6. Returning members - Your existing swimmers should be listed here, to register them for the 2019-20 season, select the check box next to their name and verify/update all information.  If you have a swimmer who is NOT returning then DO NOT select the check box next to his/her name.  If you have a new swimmer (who is not already in the system), click add new and enter their information.
  7. New members - Will need to add each new member/swimmer information.  You will enter the practice group that was given to you at the tryout.  If you do not know the practice group, please ask your swimmer's coach.  MAKE SURE YOU ENTER SWIMMERS FIRST NAME, MI, LAST NAME (as it appears on a legal document, i.e. birth certificate) and a PREFERRED NAME (if you wish).
  8. USA Registration information - All members must verify or provide us with their USA Swimming Registration information.
  9. Payment plan - You will now select a payment plan (annual or monthly for CSU, Hawken Lower, Hawken Upper, Mayfield, SPIRE).
  10. Location - Select your primary practice location (CSU, Hawken Lower, Hawken Upper, Mayfield, SPIRE).
  11. There will be two (2) policies and three (3) releases you will need to approve during registration process.
    1. LESD Service Policy - LESD relies heavily on parent workers to provide your child with a great swimming experience. This policy is intended to fairly distribute the work and communicate how we would like our families to be involved in our competitive USA Swim Team. 
    2. Safe Sport Information - The Safe Sport Information is for all parents/guardians and swimmers 12 years & older AND athlete's that are 18 years or older.  Please complete by November 1, 2019.
    3. Medical Release Waiver - Review and select the checkbox stating you have read and agree to the Medical Release Waiver.
    4. Liability Waiver - Review and select the checkbox stating you have read and agree to the Liability Waiver.
    5. Photography & Videography Release - We value our swimmers' identities as we highlight their accomplishments throughout the seasons. Review and select the checkbox stating you have read and agree to the release. 
  12. Registration Fees - Review the registration fees.  Please note that only the USA Registration fee is due at this time.  The Annual ($85.00) or Flex ($40) Registration fee(s) per swimmer will be assessed to your account upon checkout.  If you wish to pay the $212 Booster Fee at this time, you may do so or you will be billed for the Booster Fee in two $106 installments.  The coaching fees will be billed to your account beginning October 1, 2019.

If you are transferring to LESD from another team please complete a transfer form and email it to Marie Salibra.  Click here for a transfer form.

We look forward to having your family join the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins and are excited for another great season.