About Lakeshore Swim Club

Established in 1967, Lakeshore Swim Club is a year-round competitive swim team sanctioned by USA Swimming. We provide a training group for everyone - from novice to the most elite level of swimming. We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence, and a family environment where every swimmer can succeed. 

At LSSC, you will find…

Professional Coaches

Our coaches are dedicated to teaching your swimmers in fun and creative ways that will benefit them in the water and in life. Our staff regularly attends clinics, and seeks additional educational experiences to make sure they are up to date on the latest in stroke technique, training and motivation. We strive to be the best we can be so your swimmer can be the best they can be. Several of our coaches are Lake Shore alumni, a testament to the family environment of our team. 

Flexible Training Schedule

Our schedule is built to offer multiple opportunities for your swimmer to be in the water and also maintain balance and involvement with other activities.

Stroke Technique


Our coaches focus on technique first. We teach our swimmers to trust in the process, invest in learning fundamentals and develop a dedication to the finer details of each stroke and skill in our sport. 



As swimmers progress through our program their training will increase. Our coaches dedicate time to writing each practice so that it fits into an overall season plan. We are always looking toward the future, which requires a lot of patience and planning but also leads to long term success. There will be ups and downs, triumphs and heartbreaks - this is all part of the process and each experience make our growing athletes better in competition and in life. 

Goal Setting 

Each group is provided with a developmentally appropriate goal sheet they will nvaigate with their coaches. They will have some things to work on at home where parents can engage and learn about their swimmer's goals. Goals are not a measure of success or failure but rather a reason to train, a reminder why we wake up early and jump in a cold pool, and a way to keep pushing to accomplish great things. 


Every race provides a learning opportunity for swimmers to build on. We have a meet for every level of swimmer on our schedule. We expect different levels of meet attendance depending on your training group and individual plan. Every swimmer is encouraged to attend a meet and gain that experience but it is not a requirement for our younger or novice focused groups. We host 2 meets during short course and 1 during long course the provide great opportunities to compete.

Fun and Positive Atmosphere

First and foremost, our coaches are dedicated to creating a fun and positive atmosphere for our swimmers that promotes a desire to work hard. Our staff prides itself on creativity, and finding fun ways to develop skills or approach training. We always seek to positively critique and build up our athletes, helping them reach their potential in and out of the water.