How to Join Lakeshore

LSSC is part of USA Swimming so we follow their seasonal structure, Short Course and Long Course. Short Course runs from Mid-August through March. Long Course runs from Mid-April through August. There are championship meets in March and end of July/beginning of August. At the beginning of each these seasons we host assessments for new swimmers for coaches to evlaute technique, training ability, and attitude and recommend the training group that will provide the best atmosphere for that swimmer's success. In addition to the assessmnet we offer a 1-week free trial so you can try practice, get to know us and make sure we are the right fit before you make the commitment to join.

If you are joining mid-season we still offer the 1-week trial and an abreviated assessment will can be scheduled before you begin.

To recieve more information please fill out this form and someone will get back to you within 3 business days.