Is there a charge for meets?

Yes.  Each individual meet host charges to enter your swimmer into the meet.  They may charge by event or a sum for the weekend.  There is also a $3 charge per meet that goes to Lake Erie Swimming (our LSC which is defined below in the Terms section) and a $5 charge per meet that goes to Lakeshore that helps cover some of the coaching expenses, etc.  Meet fees are determined at registration.  If your swimmer signs up to swim a meet in Team Unify but does not compete at the meet, they will still be charged as we have to pay the host team when submitting our meet entry.


What happens if I miss the deadline to register my swimmer for a meet?

Unfortunately, your swimmer will have to miss that meet.  Meet hosts close out meets once they have a certain number of swimmers.  Typically this will be as soon as entries are allowed as there are many interested teams in these meets.  


Will my swimmer swim on any relays at a meet?

Relays will be determined by the coaches on the day of the meet.  Please make sure that your swimmer checks with their coach to see if they are on any relays before leaving.


When should I arrive at a meet?

The coaches will tell you when warmups are for your session.  Make sure to be on time.  Most meets will be deck seeded so your swimmer will need to declare their intention to swim once they arrive or will be scratched.  See below on deck seeded vs. pre-seeded.  Swimmers should arrive for warm-ups even if their event isn't until later in the session in order to declare their intention to swim as well as warm up as a team.  


What is deck seeded vs. pre-seeded?

Pre-seeded means that the swimmers heats and lanes will be determined ahead of time.  So, if a swimmer doesn’t show for the meet or an event, their lane will be empty.  If a meet is deck seeded, every swimmer will be required to “circle in.”  Circling in entails finding their name on a list and circling the number next to their name to show their intention to swim.  If a swimmer doesn’t circle their name, they will be scratched from that day’s events.  This helps to eliminate empty lanes.


Where can I find information on a meet?

Meet packets can be found in your Lakeshore Team Unify by clicking on the meet name and then the form/documents section and under the meet at


Can my swimmer swim at any meet?

No.  Different meets will have different time standards to others.  Some will require that your swimmer be faster than a certain time.  Some will require that your swimmer be slower than a certain time.  When you go to enter a meet in Team Unify, events that your swimmer can compete in will be in black, events that they don’t qualify for will be in red with doesn’t qualify written.


How can I see what my bill is?

Go to My Account, Invoices & Payments, Current bill is under Current Invoice Summary and all bills can be found under Billing History.


Am I required to volunteer even if my swimmer doesn’t swim meets or doesn’t swim in the meets that we host or has quit the team during the season?

Yes.  As a not-for-profit, hosted meets are a fundraiser for the team.  Therefore, we require that every family volunteer so the work is spread around.  There are many different jobs available at our hosted meets and they don’t require experience.  For the short course 2022/2023 season, every family is required to complete 15 credits or their TeamUnify account will be billed at a rate of $30 per unfulfilled credit as agreed to in registration.

The volunteer requirement is for all groups including our beginners through high school and the groups that start later in the fall.  High school swimmers' families are also still required to volunteer even though they are in high school season and not eligible to swim in our hosted meets as the money earned goes to benefit the entire team.  Most of the credits will be offered during our hosted meets in January and February.  We will also have limited opportunities to volunteer at our 2 dual meets, intrasquad, and champs.  All of our meets that we host are great meets for beginner swimmers and we highly encourage them to enter.  Most of the jobs that we offer are 5 credits but it varies depending on the length of time required and will be listed when you sign up in TeamUnify.

Note that we only have volunteer requirements at our 4 hosted meets and champs.  We are not required to volunteer at meets hosted by other teams.  Therefore, even those who start the season late (example of November), are still required to complete the full volunteer requirement as the meets that we need to supply the workers, don't start until December.

Examples of jobs that are needed at meets are:  Head Timer, Lifeguard, Timers, Admissions, Clerk of Course, Awards, Meet Set Up, Meet Clean Up, Warm Up Marshall, etc.


How do I sign up for a meet?

Go to Events & Competition, Team Events, Attend/Decline.  Make sure that all events that you sign your swimmer up for have the times in black.  Events listed in red mean that the swimmer isn’t eligible to compete in that event.  Meet info can be found by clicking on the meet name and at the bottom is a word document with information about the meet.  It will give you the fees per event, what events are swum on which day, what ages are swum in the morning vs. afternoon.

Make sure that you sign up by the deadline published.  For meets that we don’t host, we don’t have the flexibility to add additional swimmers once our entry is sent to the host team. 


Is there an attendance policy?

No.  The team does not have a required attendance policy and encourages young kids to be well rounded.  Practice attendance should reflect the swimmer’s goals.


If the group that my swimmer is in is determined to be incorrect, can it be changed in the middle of the season?

Yes, however, this determination is made by the coaching staff.  While the parents may feel that their child should be in a different group, the coaching staff has the knowledge of where each swimmer stands in relation to the rest of the team.  Grouping isn’t only based on times.  Coaches also look at age, ability to follow directions, available space in the different groups, etc.


How do I know about practice changes?

An interactive calendar can also be on the website at Practice/Interactive Calendar.  You can filter by your child’s group.  Also, you can receive emails when a practice time is changed on Teamup.  Sign into Teamup and in the right hand corner, go to your account email notifications and set your preferences.


Is USA Swimming registration required if my swimmer doesn't do meets?

Yes.  USA Swimming registration is required to practice even if your swimmer doesn't do meets.  It is a requirement by USA Swimming for every swimmer no matter if they participate in meets or not.



Short Course Season - This goes from the end of August until Mid March depending on the group.  Meets that we compete in will be in a 25 yard pool.

Long Course Season - This is from April until the end of July.  Meets that we compete in will be in 50 meter pools (Olympic length).

LSC - Local Swim Committee - Our local swim committee is Lake Erie Swimming.  It encompases mostly teams in the upper Northeast quarter of the state (the rest of the state is in the Ohio LSC).  Lake Erie Swimming is the local governing body of this area's USA Swimming.  Most of our meets with be in the Lake Erie LSC but we will compete in a few outside of this area.