Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of suit do I need for practice? It is okay if you are starting our with regular trunks or beach type suits but once the season gets going we strongly encourage getting training suits, they are much easier to train in. is a great resource for purchasing suits. They also have googles, caps and anything else you might need. 

  • Girls: 1 piece, practice suit
  • Boys: Jammer or Brief (speedo)

What kind of Equipment do I need for practice and where can it be purhcased? This differs with training group but everything can be purchased through team store or at We recommend TYR products but as long as equipment is designed for training it will work! 

  • Seniors: TYR Burner Fins, TYR Catalyst Paddles, Pull Buoy, Kickboard (Optional: Snorkel, Tempo Trainer)
  • Mometum: TYR Burner Fins, Finis Agility or Iso Paddles, Pull Buoy, Snorkel (Optional: Kickboard, Tempo Trainer, TYR Catalyst Paddle)
  • Expansion: TYR Burner Fins, Finis Agility or Iso Paddles, Pull Buoy, Snorkel (Optional: Kickboard, Tempo Trainer)
  • Development: TYR Burner Fins, Finis Agility or Iso Paddles, Pull Buoy, Snorkel (Optional: Kickboard, Tempo Trainer)
  • Discovery: Long blade fins
  • Explore: Long blade fins

Can Parents stay and watch practice? Families are always welcome to watch but don't need to. If you do stay to watch please remember to stay in the bleachers unless a coach calls you over. Also please be aware that Adults are not allowed in the locker rooms for any reason. 

Should swimmers attend every practice? We do not have attendance requirements for most groups. We have a a whole season plan and each day focuses on something a little different so consistent attendance is always beneficial but our schedule is built to have lots of opportunity to be in the water while maintaining balance and participation in other activities. Speak directly with your swimmer's coach if you have questions but here are our recommendations:

  • Explore: 1-3 practices per week
  • Discovery: 2-3 practices per week
  • Development: 2-4 practices per week
  • Expansion: 3-5 practices per week
  • Momentum: 4-5 practices per week (This group has a requirement of 3 practices minimum per week)
  • Senior: 5-8 practices per week (Specific requirements may be assigned to swimmers by coaches)