Spring/Summer Registration

Lakeshore Board

Hello Lakeshore Families,

Registration for the spring & summer session is officially open (use the registration button at the bottom of the main webpage).  The short course season that you paid for last fall officially ends once your swimmer’s group takes a break after their championship meet.  For the long course (spring and summer) season 2023, which starts March 28th for the senior group and April 11th for all the other groups and goes until the end of July, the fees will be as follows:

                                Senior                                                   $500

                                Blue 2                                                    $425

                                Blue 1                                                   $400

                                Yellow 2                                               $350

                                Yellow 1                                               $300

                                White 2                                                 $250

                                White 1                                                 $200


For our younger groups, we also offer a shortened season from the break after champs until June 2nd if you wish to swim for Lakeshore only during the spring (this option has to be paid in full at registration).  The price of this option is:


                                Yellow 2 Seasonal                            $225

                                Yellow 1 Seasonal                            $200

                                White 2 Seasonal                             $150

                                White 1 Seasonal                             $125



Families will have 2 options for payment if registering for the entire spring and summer.  The first is to pay in full at the beginning of the season.  The second is to break the payments into 3 installments that will be paid at registration, May, and June.  Both payment plans require that the family agree to a contract for the duration of the season and be subject to the volunteer requirement.  No refunds will be given unless a swimmer is injured and agreed upon by the board.  Not continuing to swim does not constitute any refund of fees nor absolve your family from the volunteer requirement.  Any additional sibling training fees beyond the first will be discounted by $50/$100/$150 per swimmer.


Training Groups - Parents should register their swimmers for the training group that their swimmer is registered for this fall/winter season.  If swimmers are going to move to a different training group, Coach Vince will email you by Saturday, March 18th with your swimmer’s new training group.  Finalized spring/summer practice and meet schedules will be available in the next week or so.


Westlake vs. Rocky River location – Swimmers who live in Rocky River should select Rocky River as their location.  Swimmers who live in Westlake should select Westlake as their location.  Swimmers in other cities may choose their site until the group is full at that site.  If a training group is overfilled, then a member of the coaching staff will contact you regarding space at the other location.  Exceptions to this policy.  All Blue 2 swimmers should select Rocky River as we will not have a Blue 2 group at Westlake this spring.  Those with a USA Sectional cut should select the Rocky River Senior (High school) Group.  Swimmers who attend a school in the Rocky River area may select Rocky River.  Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Coach Vince at [email protected]


As a not-for-profit, we use our home meets to raise money towards our coaching and pool fees.  By all pitching in with these fundraisers, we are able to keep our fees reasonable and spread the work.  On that note, we are continuing our requirement that each family to volunteer during the season. The summer session will require 5 credits from each family.  These can be earned at our home meet on July 8th and 9th.  We will have limited options outside of the hosted meet where credits can be earned.  These will only be available to those who are not in town and therefore not available to work our home meet.  As in the past, any credits not completed during the season will be billed to your Team Unify account at a rate of $30/hour in August.  This requirement is for all age and includes seasonal swimmers.  (Families with only seasonal swimmers and no full summer swimmers will be given the first opportunity to volunteer at our May intrasquad meet.)  Please note that every family will be required to sign-off that they acknowledge the financial obligation and volunteer commitments and accept these requirements when registering their swimmer.  There are NO exceptions.


Registration with the team and USA Swimming is required before the swimmer can begin to practice.  A 2023 USA Swimming membership is required of every swimmer even if they do not complete in meets.  For any transfer swimmers who are already registered with USA Swimming, it is as easy as logging into your swimmer’s SWIMS account and hitting the transfer button.  Any new swimmers will be required to register and pay the $78.25 fee.  More information will be sent to those families affected by this once they register.  Any swimmer who is 18 or turns 18 during the season will be required by United States Swimming to complete the Athlete Protection program on-line each year.  Before every meet a list of those 18 & older is run by Lake Erie swimming and your swimmer will not be allowed to compete without this being completed.  https://www.usaswimming.org/resource-center/athlete-protection-training.  Please don’t leave this for the last minute as it does take a few hours.


Any college swimmers who wish to come back and train during the summer with Lakeshore should contact me directly regarding registration.


Make sure that you refer to the Interactive Practice Schedule on Teamup (easiest to load the app on your phone) for the most up-to-date practice times.  https://www.teamunify.com/team/lelssc/page/practice/google-calendar


If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]



Lisa Downing