Lake Shore Swim Club

Training Groups


  • Description: Exploration of the sport of swimming. Improvement of the 4 strokes, introduction to starts, and turns. Most importantly this group is fun and focused on developing a love of swimming. 
  • Average Age Range: 6-8 years 
  • Requirements: Ability to swim a 50 of freestyle and backstroke, unassisted. Understand breaststroke and butterfly. Be comfortable with a 45-minute training session. 
  • Attendance Recommendation: 2 practices per week.
  • Meet Policy: We encourage everyone to try a meet but it is not required.
  • Equipment: Long blade fins and Kickboard


  • Description: Discovering the love of the sport. This group builds a foundation in the basic fundamentals of each stroke. Training is focused on developing legal and efficient strokes and introducing goal setting and racing skills. 
  • Average Age Range: 7 – 10 years
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of all 4 strokes. Comfortable with 1-hour training session. 
  • Attendance Recommendation: 2-3 practices per week
  • Meet Policy: We encourage everyone in this group to try a meet! No one in this group should go to more than 2 meets per month. Completing your IMR or IMX is a great goal.
  • Equipment: Long blade fins and Kick Board


  • Description:Developing the skills learned in the Discovery and Explore groups. Introduction to training skills and a new emphasis on developing endurance.
  • Average Age Range: 10-12 years
  • Requirements: Knowledge of each of the 4 strokes and basic rules of swimming.
  • Attendance Recommendation: 3 practices a week.
  • Meet Recommendation: Complete the IMR and IMX Challenge for your age group over the season!
  • Equipment: Long blade fins, Snorkel, Kickboard


  • Description: Technique, and race skills will be expanded upon with a focus on refining the fundamentals of each stroke. Introduction to race strategy and an increase in aerobic training.
  • Average Age Range: 11-14 years
  •  Requirements: 4 legal strokes. Racing experience. 
  • Attendance Recommendation: 3-4 times per week
  • Meet Recommendation: Complete IMX challenge for your age group over the course of the season.
  • Equipment: Fins, Kickboard, Paddles, Snorkel


  • Description: Increased training intensity, and expectation. Focus on developing race strategy and preparing for elite training and competitions.
  • Average Age Range: 11-14 years old
  • Requirements: Invitation from coach. Willingness and ability to train and compete in all 4 strokes, regular meet participation, self-motivated and self-reliant.
  • Attendance Expectation: 4-5 practices per week. Minimum of 3.
  • Meet Recommendation: Complete the 13-14 IMX challenge, participate in a mile race.
  •  Equipment: Fins, Paddles, Pull Buoy, Snorkel. 


  • Description: Training group dedicated to high school age swimmers of all levels.
  • Average Age: 14-18 years.
  •  Requirements: High School age or by invitation. 
  • Attendance Expectation: There are different levels of training within the senior group. Schedules will be individualized and planned with coaches. 4-9 practices per week.
  •  Meet Recommendation: Meet plans are individualized and will be communicated with each swimmer. All swimmers should participate in meets.
  • Equipment: Short Blade Fins and/or Long Blade Fins, Paddles, Pull Buoy, and Snorkel.

Senior Elite


  • Description: Training group dedicated to Elite swimmers
  • Average Age: 14-18 years.
  •  Requirements: 15-16 NAG "AA" time, Head Coach Decision
  • Attendance Expectation:  4 day attendance requirement.  6-9 practices per week.
  •  Meet Recommendation: All swimmers are required to attend a Senior Championship Meet every season.
  • Equipment: Short Blade Fins and/or Long Blade Fins, Paddles, Pull Buoy, and Snorkel.



  • Please remember that the Coaching Staff has the final say regarding practice group assignments based on the needs of the individual swimmer, and the betterment of the entire Lake Shore swimming family. Thank you for your understanding and support.