About the Piranha Aquatics Program:


To provide persons of all ages in the Salem Area and surrounding communities the opportunity to belong to an organization that promotes a healthy, active, lifestyle to all participants.

Mission Statement and Objective

Piranha Aquatics (PA) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization.  Our youth team is a competitive swim program that participates in USA Swimming governed meets during the Short Course Season (Sept-May).  We offer a guided, developmental youth program that ranges from the introduction of stroke technique to the training of experienced swimmers.  We encourage each swimmer’s development in a fun, positive, and educational environment.

When a youth joins PA, they learn skills that will last a lifetime: sportsmanship, confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, among many others.  Our goal is not only to teach stroke technique and other competitive swimming skills, but to teach our athletes to challenge themselves by accepting risks, enduring failures, gaining mental toughness, and reaching personal and team goals.

Through team membership, our athletes experience individual progress and success, goal setting and goal achievement, nutritional awareness, develop social skills, lasting friendships and lifelong fitness skills.  Our athletes strive to achieve personal and swimming excellence, and we offer each athlete the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

General Philosophy:  The general philosophy of the team is to create opportunities for athletes of all ages to enjoy the sport of swimming.

Youth Division Mission Statement

  • To bring all members together in effort and purpose to achieve a consistent environment and stable program so that each athlete can reach his/her potential
  • To embrace and acknowledge the accomplishments of each individual
  • To create opportunities for our athletes to enjoy the sport of swimming through instruction, team building and competition
  • To build High School swimming in our rural area.